i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


16. chapter 16

the sound of my phone playing a repeating melody wakes me up, I roll over to my left and groan.

I squint my eyes open and see the dreary London weather.

"shut that thing up." Audrey groans and I move my hand to my phone on the bed side table and press the snooze button.

I hear Taylor moving in her bed then I hear footsteps against the hard wood floor.

"I call washroom and you guys should get your lazy butts up!" she calls and I ignore her and keep my eyes shut,

"ten more minutes." I groan.

"Audrey move over to Taylors bed." I say attempting to sprawl out but being stopped by Audrey's body

"no, why don't you?" she responds and I groan,

"I hate you." I say " I hate you too." Audrey says and even though I cant see her face right now I imagine it with a smile on it.

I keep my eyes shut for a few more minutes and then I let sleep take me over.


i am abruptly awoken by a body jumping on me "wake up!" Taylor's voice booms,

and I groan, trying to shift my body but she still steps on me,

"get off!" I say groggy from sleep.

"Taylor, I will literally kill you if you don't get off this bed now!" Audrey says annoyed but Taylor just laughs.

I then feel a soft pillow hit my head multiple times and I sit up ,

" I'm awake now stop hitting me!" I demand and she smiles,

"lovely!" I sit at the side of bed, my feet dangling, \

I really am dreading standing up but i know I have to. as my feet touch the cold wood floor I regret it immediately  and a shiver runs through my spine

"shirr." a sound that is unknown pops out of my mouth and I make my way to the washroom.

I do the daily routine which consists of showering and brushing teeth. when it came to my hair I decided on some sort of pony tail although I don't think it would be considered a pony tail most of my hair wasn't even in it. I wasn't in the mood to apply to much makeup so I just swipe some mascara on my top eyelashes and im done.

I am wearing a mickey mouse sweater and some navy blue jeans completed with a pair of red keds. I walk out of the washroom and see Audrey running around the room grabbing stuff.

"see Amelia this is what happens when you wake up twenty minutes before you need to be somewhere." Taylor  smirks,

"shut up Taylor!" Audrey yells as she jumps around shoving a sock onto her foot.

I look at her state and she actually doesn't look that bad, sure her hair is really messy and her outfit is not matched but hey she looks better then me.

"I'm done!" Audrey exclaims slipping on her red Toms as Taylor opens the front door.

To say the least Taylor looks the best out of Audrey and I, her hair is curled to perfection, her makeup is done flawlessly and her outfit consists of this light pink flowery top paired with a pair of black skinny jeans. Audrey wears a gray t 'shirt and black skinny jeans.

when we get to the lobby i spot the rest of the girls lounging on the couch and we smile and make our way towards them.

"hey, how did you guys sleep last night?" Audrey asks,

"really well." amber says ,

"how did you guys?" Hanna questions ,

"well considering we all needed to take showers and stuff we ended up going to bed at twelve, oh and then Taylor woke Audrey and I up by hitting us and being annoying so ya it was aright." I explain and laugh.

I glance out the window to see a black limo pull to the curb " I think the cars here."i state pointing to the limo and everyone smiles and begins to walk outside to it, I run in due to the fact it was raining.

when I was in I looked around the limo to see it was pretty simple nothing to out of ordinary just a lot bigger then normal cars...and there was table with drinks in it but besides that fact pretty basic.

"so what do you think we are doing today?" Taylor asks.

" I don't know but it better be something useful because I had to get up at five forty for it." Audrey says and I laugh,

"true." I agree and then finally we are at the venue. Amber opens the limo  door and we all get out while saying thank you to the limo driver.

We run inside and see all the boys except Niall waiting for us. they make their way towards us with smiles on their faces and they all look really good like usual. I wave to them while  everyone else exchanges friendly hugs.

"how are you girls?" Harry asks,

"tired." Audrey yawns and I nod my head,

"ya same here when I got home yesterday I literally just jumped in my bed and fell asleep." Liam says with that smooth accent of his.

We continue small conversation until Paul and a women walks up to us, she looks like she is in her early thirties with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a very thin figure. 

"Good morning guys and girls." Paul greets ,

"good morning." Zayn responds for all of us

, "hello everyone!" the blonde says with a wide smile ,

"girls this is Christina." Paul introduces,

"hi, nice to meet you." Hanna smiles to her and she returns the smile.

"alright so where's Niall?" Paul asks us and the boys shrug ,

"no idea." Harry says,

"uhh, that boy need to learn to come on time." Paul groans.

"Alright anyway girls we have a lot of work to do before the concert so I will be guiding you guys for most of this." she says ushering us to follow her and we gladly do.

 Harry smiles at me and I smile back as I walk. we go to a room and all of us sit down.

"Alright before we start anything with the concert, how about we get to know each other, I'll go first." Christina smiles,

"alright so I'm Christina like you know, I am only thirty one. im a very understanding person and I hope we will have lots of fun on  this tour." she flashes us her wide smile and I know I already like her, she's very positive.

 As Audrey is about to start introducing her self my phone goes off and I remember that I forgot to turn it on silent so my ringer goes off and everyone looks at me and I look at Christina for permission,

"only for today, next time no phone." she scolds and I nod my head,

"thank you." I say and stand up answering,

"hello?" I I greet,

"Amelia what do you think your doing?"  I cringed in disgust at Justin's voice, rough and stern,

"what do you want?" I spit in disgust at him,

"don't give me attitude your mother is crying because of you disobeying her." he states and I look back at the group of girls looking at me and then I walk out of the room and stand in the hall.

"I did nothing to her."  I growl,

"Amelia, you need to get your butt back here right now or I swear I will beat you like there's no tomorrow. "he threatens and I gulp,

" and  don't think for one second I wouldn't because we both know I would and I have." I can hear the smirk on his face as he says this, I don't know what to say or anything and I know he's is satisfied,

"I'm not coming home, im not going to let you hit me again." I say sternly to him trying to stay calm but my voice cracks at the end and I hear him laugh,

"your mother is so right abut you. you act like your strong but really your just a little pathetic girl." he snarls,

"don't call me that!" I argue back ,

 "Amelia Troian you need to get your butt back here do you understand?" he asks and I hear the venom in his voice,

"your not my father." I state,

" ya and im glad im not. I would never want to be your father and I guess no one does. not even your real father could handle you that's why he left wasn't it?" he questions and his voice sickens me,

"don't bring up my father."  I say my voice soft and small, he wins.

"Why not?" he questions,

"what, your to scarred to know what he thinks of you?"

 "shut up!" I yell unsure of why but I can feel a few tears prickle down my face.

" you don't deserve my mother! you are nothing and you both mean nothing to me and I hate you !" I scream into the phone unsure of any other way to get my feelings out,

"oh shut up! you mean nothing to me either. your you're mothers mistake, you were an accident that never should of happened!" he spits and Im not sure what to say so instead I hang up,

wipe the tears that have fallen from my eyes, I close my eyes and take deep breaths. I hear footsteps and my eyes open to see Niall, he stares at me,

"you heard my conversation?" I question and he nods and comes closer to me,

"what was it about?" he asks gently, something im not used to from him.

"nothing." I say simply and begin to walk in the room,

"why is it that your allowed to ask me question but I cant you?" he asks from where hes standing,

"because you don't care about anyone but yourself." I state and look at him to see his expresson fall a bit but then it hardens,

"your right I don't care." he says abruptly and turns around and walks away without another word.


hey my lovely people I just wanted to say that I was actually planning on posting this on valentines day but sadly I didn't have wifi but I hope you enjoyed this chapter and If this movella can get 40 favorite lists I will posts the next chapter sooner. also please comment more because I feel like im writing for nothing and I really want feedback and stuff so please comment oh and happy belated valentines day! what did you guys do for valentines times day.... I went to this like pathetic single girls party thing and it was a lot of fun!:) so anyway I think this author note is getting a bit long so before I go just wanted to know three things 1. do you guys like these author notes or should i just stop 2.do you guys want me to kind of do like what songs I listened to during writing a chapter like list the songs in the beginning 3. if you want you can comment stuff below about yourself so I can get to know you and all and you can get to know me we can be like virtual friends! . now anyway have a great day and I love you all to the moon and back and beyond that<3 byeee


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