i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


15. chapter 15

There was a knock on the door and all of us jumped up and walked over to it, opening it revealing Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis but no Niall...of course.

"Hi!" we all greet each other at the same time and it is actually really strange,because I thought of us as robots or something.

Louis walks right in ,

"come right in." Audrey says to the boys,

"already am." Louis says to her and she just shakes her head,

"your an idiot." she simply says and Louis laughs.

 We all sit down on the couch but Harry and I end up sitting on the floor because there isn't  enough room on the couch so lucky us! (note the sarcasm),

" so where's Niall?" Hanna asks,

"well we invited him but he said he was hanging out with some of his friends." Liam explains and she nods.

"So what should we do?" Zayn asks,

"watch a movie!" I suggest happily because well I have a thing for watching movies,

"Amelia, no that's boring." Audrey says,

"well then." I say a tad offended and everyone laughs,

"how about truth or dare?" Audrey suggests and everyone agrees,

"of course the cliché game of truth or dare wins, what's next, talking about our hopes and dreams?" I ask sarcastically and everyone laughs.

I then feel Harrys warm breath near my ear and it sends a shiver down my spine,

" I liked your idea of the movie." he whispers softly in my ear and for some strange unknown reason I start grinning,

"thanks." I tell him and he gives me a small smile.

"Alright whose first?" Liam asks,

"ME!" Audrey and Louis yell at the top of their lungs and I chuckle.

"I'm going first!" Louis declares to Audrey but she shakes her head,

" you can keep believing that but its not going to happen. " Audrey smirks and Louis gives her this dramatic shocked face,

"excuse me? "he says and Audrey laughs,

"you heard me. "she states,

"whoa is someone actually giving sass back to Lou?" Harry asks clearly shocked,

"you stay out of this Harold." Louis tells him and I laugh a bit to hard and end up letting a bit of a snort out, and no I am not proud of it,

everyone turns to look at me and I cover my face with my hands a bit embarrassed by my accidental snort.

"Did you just snort?" Taylor asks laughing a bit,

I nod my head "it wasn't on purpose." I say through my hand then I feel someone take my hands away from my face and I meet the emerald orbs of Harrys eyes and he smiles and I look at him and for some reason we both start laughing for no reason...weird.

"I don't understand why they're laughing  but alright. back to you." Audrey says giving Louis an intense stare,

"haven't you heard of ladies first?" Audrey asks Louis,

"what lady?" he asks with a smug smirk on his lips,

"your right I'm more of  a man then you." Audrey smiles and it takes Louis a few seconds to come up with a come back,

"you know what shut up." he says and Audrey laughs,

"I win!" she exclaims.

"Alright so Louis truth or dare?" Audrey asks with that smug smirk on her face,

"dare." he says,

"alright I dare you to knock on the door next to us and if they answer you need to start doing the chicken dance but you also have to pretend to be a graceful ballerina." she says and Louis nods his head and stands up, making his way to the hallway.

We all follow behind him and when we get to the hallway he's already knocking on the next door and a man in around his forty opens the door, he looks like he was just sleeping and then Louis begins the chicken dance while attempting to leap but it isn't  very good,

"I'm a graceful ballerina who's doing the chicken dance!" he sings while twirling and we all burst into uncontrollable laughter,

the man just stares at him,

"man, are you high or something?" he asks and Louis smiles widely,

"if you mean high off of pixie dust then yes!" he says doing the chicken dance and the man slam the door shut in his face,

"well then!" Louis says and walks back inside our hotel room.

  We follow behind laughing, I can feel tears coming from my eyes.

"Alright done now my turn!" Louis yells but we ignore him still laughing,

"that guy though." Liam laughs,

"ya Louis if you have anymore pixie dust I will take some!" Audrey laughs loud.

 We continue to laugh for two more minutes and then I am last to tame my laughter but I manage.

"Alright Amb-" Louis starts pointing towards Amber but then he redirects his finger towards me,

"Amelia! truth or dare?" Louis asks,

"hmmm dare." I say boldly and Audrey gasps,

"Amelia picking dare never thought I would live to see that day."  she says pretending to be shocked,

"I didn't think either." I agree and she laughs.

I then feel someone's arm snake around my shoulder and I look to see Harry, he gives me a bit of s friendly smile so I think nothing of the gesture.

"Alright Amelia I dare you to call up a guy you really like and say something really embarrassing."he says,

"I change my mind truth." I say quickly,

"nope no changing your mind." he says and I then put my hands to my face and slide them down,

"I hate you." I tell him taking out my cell phone and scrolling through my phone until I find  his name, Lucaus, I press call.

 It rings twice before he answers,

"hello?" he says,

"hey its Amelia." I tell him,

"ohh hey what's up?" he asks and I smile at the way his voice is so smooth,

"nothing really anything interesting happening with you?" I ask and then Louis takes my phone quickly presses speaker phone and hands it back to me,

"uh nothing much josh is over with his girlfriend so we're just hanging, I guess."  he answers I look at Audrey to see her wide smile turn to a frown but she quickly replaces it with a smile,

"sounds fun." I say unsure on how to embarrass myself,

"Amelia come and get your ointment." Harry blurts out in a high tone voice sounding like one of those mothers you hear in cartoons and my mouth turns to a gape and I want to kill Harry,

"ointment?" lucaus asks me,

"no, I uh-" before I could finish harry interrupts,

"come on darling you need to get this stuff on that spot or its going to start a rash." Harry says in the same tone and I mouth to him,

  " I hate you." but he just smiles, I look around the room seeing everyone trying to hold in laughs,

"well uh I guess i should let you get back to your ointment." he says with a small chuckle,

 "ya my ointment." I state glaring at Harry and then I hang up,

"well the potential of us hanging out is never going to happen now." I sigh and everyone begins to laugh,

"oh all of you shut up!" I joke rolling my eyes,

"ha! Aren't I great at picking dare?" Audrey asks in-between fits of laughter,

"oh shut up, never again." I declare.

After everyone stops laughing I hit Harry in the arm as hard as I can,

"what was that for?" he asks,

"ointment? did it have to be ointment?" I ask him and he laughs and places an arm around my shoulder,

" you're ointment is great and you shouldn't be ashamed to use it pal."he smiles a cheesy smile,

"uh I don't use ointment." I simply say and he laughs not removing his arm from my shoulder.

 I don't mind, because in the short time I have known harry, I can tell he only does those things in a friendly manner.

"Alright I know its Amelia's turn and all but I really want to dare Audrey!" Louis yells and I laugh,

"be my guest." I reply and he widely grins,

"Audrey truth or dare?" he asks,

"dare!" she yells ,

"alright I dare you to call up the most disgusting person in your class and act lovey dovey and drunk." Louis says and Audrey's face turns to a opened mouth one.

"Alright then, Robert Doyle it is then." she says taking her phone out,

"oh ya and Louis, you can pay for my phone bill once it comes, because this is going to cost." she says and Louis laughs,

"of course." he reply's and Audrey presses speaker phone.

After one ring Robert Doyle answers,

"hello?" he says in that high pitched tone that's rough,

"Roberrrt."Audrey slurs out his name,

 "Audrey?" he questions,

"yes, I uh really need to tell you something." she says sounding like one of those dumb blondes you see on TV,

"what Is it?" he asks,

" I am like in love with you Robby, you are the love of my life. "she slurs,

"really!" he says a tad too excited,

"ya now Robby, after I come back to Canada we tots need to hang out!" she says,

"ya sounds good, uh I need to go." Robert states and seconds later he hangs up and everyone is laughing,

"well now when i get back im going to have Robert stalking me." Audrey sighs but everyone continues to laugh,

"Robby, great nickname there!" Louis laughs and Audrey rolls her eyes,

"shut up!" she says.

" Alright my turn. Zayn truth or dare?" Audrey asks,

"I'll go with truth." he smiles ,

"alright, um  out of everyone in this room, who do you dislike the most?" she asks,

"oh come on I can't answer that, I'm going to be on stage with the boys and I already know if I say someone he is going to embaress me." he states and Audrey shrugs,

"well then pick wisely."

"uh well i choose Niall." he says with a smirk on his face thinking hes out smarted Audrey,

 "actually the question was pick someone in this room." she says and he sighs,

"um I'm sorry mate but I have to say Louis because he leaves a mess everywhere and he hid my phone yesterday." Zayn says and Louis's mouth falls opens,

"Zayn, you better sleep with one eye open because im coming for you." he jokes and I laugh,

"but your still one of my brothers." Zayn smiles sweetly,

"ya your  little innocent smile there means nothing to me." Louis says, and liam chuckles a bit,

"alright before you two start a fight or anything I think we should probably get going, its getting really late." Liam smiles checking his phone,

"alright then see you all tomorrow." Amber tells them and they stand up and make there way to the door.

All the girls give each boy a hug and i stand there awkwardly... i don't really give hugs.

"Amelia aren't you going to hug them before they go?" Taylor smirks at me,

"uhh ya i don't really do hugs." i state simply

"how dosent someone do hugs?" Liam questions and i shrug,

"not a big fan of body heat and stuff." i awkwardly say,

"well too bad." Louis smirks and then all of the boys walk towards me and its a group hug,

"no, get off of me." i say  putting my hands to my chest,

"oh come on group hugs are the best!" Harry chuckles,

 "ya well that's enough of the group hug." i say and finally I am able to push my way out of their strong arms.

"Alright then bye girls." Zayn says while walking out of the hotel room followed by Louis and Liam.

  Harry stays where he is,

"bye Amelia." he says coming towards me to give me a hug but I stop him,

"no I  have already hugged way to many people for one day." i say,

"oh come on, one more?" he asks with a bit of a pout and i laugh,

"err fine." I sigh rolling my eyes,

a smile spreads across his plump light pink lips and he pulls me in for a hug but I just keep my arms to my sides,

"come on, a real hug." he adds and I groan and wrap my arms around his back,

"there we go." he smiles and then about two seconds later I let go,

"alright enough of that now because i think that the boys are waiting for you." i tell him and smiles,

"alright bye see you and all of you tomorrow." harry waves to the girls and me then makes his way out of the room.

"Was it just me or did he seem to really like you?" Amber asks,

"no, no, no he dosent like me in that way alright? he was just being friendly." i say,

"oh really wrapping your arm around someones shoulder seems more like a flirty thing to do." Audrey chimes in,

 "so what your saying is when I wrap my arms around your shoulder im being flirty with you?" i ask,

Audrey opens her mouth but then shuts it,

"that's what I thought." i smirk.

We say our goodbyes to Amber and Hanna and then head to the bedroom where there is only two beds.

"I call not sharing!" Taylor calls right when we walk in, audrey and I sigh,

"well i guess im stuck with her." we both say pointing to each other.

Due to the fact it was our first night at the hotel and we didnt make up a bathroom plan, well lets just say some of us ended up having to take cold showers and it took two hours for all of us to be in our pajamas.To say the least I am exhausted from the day, when my head hits the pillow I am out right then and there.



alright i know this chapter took very long to post but it is a fairly long chapter and i have had so many tests and assignments for school i barley had anytime to work on this chapter so im really sorry if this chapter sucks and i promise my chapter get better and also do you think harry has some liking towards amelia?  do you think arry will become a thing? comment down bellow!:) love you guys have a great day or night or morning or whatever:)<3

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