i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


14. chapter 14


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I feel someone shaking my shoulder lightly, I groan and lift my head to see Audrey,

“we are here.” She says sitting next to me,

“what happened to Niall?” I ask,

“He went to the washroom about ten minutes ago.”  She says,

“Oh.” I say wiping my eyes trying to rub the tiredness out .

“So how was your first time on a plane?” Audrey asks standing up,

“well considering Niall told me that the plane was going to do this loop thing, for the first twenty minutes of the plane ride I was completely terrified but besides that it was not too bad.” I state and she smiles,

“well that’s good then.” I stand up from my seat and stretch a bit ,

“are you excited to be opening five shows here in five days?” Audrey asks me, I nod my head,

“ya it will be pretty awesome.” I say smiling.

Audrey steps into the aisle of the plane, and I follow behind her so we can board off of it. We all follow one behind the other as we make our way out of the plane and when I step foot inside of the airport, flashes of cameras greet me, I cover my eyes not very used to the camera flashes.

I can feel someone’s hand on my arm and when I turn my head I see hHarry smiling,

“just keep walking.” He says and I nod and begin to walk at a steady pace without tripping over my own feet.

I can see three security guards leading us out but the people surrounding us is overwhelming, I look at Hanna who looks terrified, she has her hands covering her face as she walks and she has her head hanging down, facing the floor.

I run my hands through my hair becoming more and more nervous as people begin to appear more

. Finally we make it out of the airport and a limo greets us, we all get in quickly,I'm sat next to harry and Taylor,

“well that was interesting.” Audrey says, I nod with the rest of the girls,

“it’s hard to get use to.” Harry says,

“seems like it, I felt like I was going to get trampled.” I add and Liam laughs a bit,

“don’t worry if that happens hopefully someone would help you up.”

“Keyword, hopefully.” I say.

We ride to the hotel in silence and as we arrive I look out the window to see a pretty big building ,

“whoa.” I say in awe of this beautiful building known as the hotel we will be staying in,

“we’re staying in this?” I question not believing it for a second ,

“yup.” Zayn says with a smile.

A security guard opens our door and we all step out and walk straight into the hotel and just like I expected it was even more beautiful inside there is a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling with black leather love seats, it is elegant, everything is perfect, the walls were an eggshell white.

I was looking around in awe ignoring everything around me, I felt someone grab my arm and laugh a bit I snapped out of my awe and looked up into the green eyes of Harry ,

“ come on.” he says and drags me to the elevator with the rest,

I smile at him a bit,

“this place is beautiful!” I exclaim and he smiles at me dimples exposed,

“it is.” He says .

 We go into the elevator and I then notice a man who looks as if he’s in his mid-thirty’s, he is dressed in black and has a buzz cut, I pull Harry down to my height ,oh ya I should probably mention harry was a giant compared to me, anyway I whisper in his ear,

“who’s that?” he chuckles a bit and whispers back,

“you were really zoned out, weren’t you? He’s our tour manager.”

“Oh” I say letting go of him so he could stand up straight.

The elevator opens and we all get out,

“alright so here’s what’s happening, boys you guys can go home and be with your family’s or whatever and girls you will be staying here, in the hotel.” The tour manager says,

“and oh yes my name is Paul.” He adds smiling to the girls and I, we nod,

“and also boys you are all still to be coming to the early rehearsals on time. And that takes me to the next thing, first rehearsal will be tomorrow at six fifteen sharp.” He states,

“come on, why do we have to come at that time? We have been practising for months already.” Niall groans,

“Niall stop complaining and just show up please.” Paul says, Niall sighs,

“fine.” I roll my eyes at his answer, he should be so much more obedient to coming in to practice.

  He has so many people counting on him.

“Alright anyway say your goodbye to the girls boys. Girls, there are two rooms three hundred sixteen and seventeen.” He says. 

I go over to the girls and each boy says goodbye with a friendly hug except for niall who just waves and as he’s about to walk onto the elevator I quickly walk over to him.

“Wait a second, considering your Irish accent I am guessing your from Ireland so how do you have a home in England.” I ask ,

“I got my own apartment here.” He shrugs,

“oh.” I say and then he steps into the elevator, and the doors closes.

I walk back to the girls,

“so what are the room groups?” I ask,

“Audrey, and you, and Taylor then  Amber and I.” Hanna says and we nod,

“that works.” We all agree.

Audrey and I walk to door 317 and open it to expose a giant room with a white leather couch, and a chandelier hanging from the high ceiling.

“This is huge!” Audrey squeals running inside and jumping around, a smile spreads across my face,

“finally!” I say with a sigh of relief,

“What?” Audrey asks I look at her,

“what?” I ask “why did you say finally?” she questions ,

“because finally something is actually good.” I say steeping inside of the room and closing the door behind me.

I walk around the giant room embracing everything I see from the flat screen TV to the checkered floors.

“It’s like a dream.” I whisper to myself as I walk into the bedroom to see two beds, a TV and a vase of roses, and then there was a little room where a bathroom was.

I went to the bed closest to the window and moved the curtains to see the beautiful view of London, I look around , it was breathtaking everything looked so perfect. I closed the curtains and made my way into the washroom where it was pretty simple, a shower, a sink and a toilet.

I walked out to see Audrey,

“this is pretty awesome.” Audrey breaths out I nod agreeing ,

“ I can’t believe I’m here.” I say,

“well were not there yet we have a whole world to explore.” Audrey smiles and I smile back.

We hear a knock at the door and we both run over to answer it to find Amber, Taylor and Hanna,

“im in complete heaven.”  Taylor says stepping in,

“so I guess your room is pretty great too?” Audrey asks and they all nod,

“ya its giant!” Amber exclaims,

“well what should we do now?” Hanna asks,

“I would say unpack but they haven’t brought our luggage’s yet.” I say,

“well then I guess we should all just watch TV and talk then.” Audrey smiles and we all make our way to the couch and get comfy.

“So Amelia, you and Niall seemed to be getting along.” Taylor smiles I laugh a bit,

“ya a bit I guess, I still don’t like him that much but so far he isn’t as bad as I thought.” I say,

“well on the plane it looked like you and him were a pretty happy couple.’ Amber smirks and I shove her bit,

“shut up.” I say making a face,she laughs,

“is that the best you have?” Amber asks,

“I don’t know what to say, unless you’re asking me if I like him, because if so I barley know him and I was just trying to be friendly on the plane.” I say,

“didn’t look that way.” Taylor mumbles,

 I scoff," ya our screaming match really showed me flirting right?" I question

“ya in a month tops, you two will be dating.” Hanna says,

“no that will never happen!” I exclaim,

“we are nothing alike and also what gives you guys the impression that Niall wants to have a relationship, he has had so many girls throw their self’s at him and don’t you think out of all those girls he would at least want a long term relationship with one?” I question, they shrug,

“all we’re saying is that you two looked really comfy with each other.” Audrey says,

“ya well don’t think much in to it because I won’t be stupid enough to let myself fall for him.” I state proudly and a bit annoyed of the fact that they thought niall and I would become a couple.

“Why?” Amber asks,

“I think I have explained why to all of you, he is a player and I’m not going to be stupid enough to be one of his many girls.” I say,

“alright solid point so anyway-“before Hanna could finish her sentence Audrey interrupts,

“hold on a second, Amelia. You say you are not fond of Niall but I watched you two talking and you actually looked like you weren’t shy or awkward for once ,and your always shy. When you two had that fight you actually said what you were thinking something you never do so explain that?” she says challenging me and I’m lost at words,

I have no idea why I was actually comfortable talking to him, I shrug trying to avoid answering the question,

“no answer…interesting.” Audrey smirks,

“because maybe I am sick of keeping my thoughts in my head.” I state and Audrey gives me another smirk,

 "and that happened after you were sitting with Niall.”

“No just stop. I don’t like him and there is nothing else to discuss so just drop it, alright?” I ask beginning to become frustrated,

“fine.” Audrey sighs and then Audrey’s phone buzzes,

“wait one second.” She says answering,

“hello.” she says while getting up and walking to the bedroom.

" I wonder what that’s about.” I say and everyone shrugs

“sorry if we made you anger.” Hanna states,

“its fine.” I smile a bit,

“just please don’t bring up Niall and I as a couple every again.”  I state and they all nod,

“of course.” Taylor says butting in.

 Then Audrey walks into the room,

“that was Liam, the boys and him are coming over so we can get to know each other better, just to get rid of any awkwardness tomorrow.” She says and we nod.

“Well I would say I would go get ready and actually try to look good but again our suitcases aren’t here.” Taylor says.

“Actually there’s something to talk about! What were you guys thinking when you got into the limo and saw one direction sitting right there, and we all looked like crap.” Taylor says laughing a bit,

“Oh gosh it was awful. First I was like o my god that's them! And then I was like oh god I look like I just woke up which I did.” Audrey says,

“yup same with me except I was thinking how good they looked compared to me."Hanna laughs and the rest of us  join in.


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