i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


13. chapter 13

*authors note*

before i start this chapter i would just like to say a giant  thank you  for nineteen likes and 30 of you put this on your favorites list! i am literally so happy because of that, it made my day!!! you guys are amazing and again thank you it means so much! also how are you guys liking this so far do you have any ideas or anything like that? if so comment down bellow and maybe i will include your idea and next thing before i start this chapter i would really love to know which girl is your favorite! anyway i hope you enjoy this chapter!:)

                I was really trying to fall asleep on this death trap which you call a plane but the thought of this plane going in a loop is freaking me out. I have been preparing myself for twenty minutes but still nothing, I am really starting to think Niall was lying to me.

I look at Niall who was on the right of me and saw he was fast asleep, being the very kind person I am, I grab the pack of peanuts the flight attendant gave me and begin to whack him in the head attempting to get him up ,he groans,

“Wake up.” I say,

“No stop. “He mumbles but I don’t, I continue the action,

“I’m not stopping until you tell me that whole plane in a loop thing is fake.” I say and I hear him chuckle just a bit and then he sits up quick and takes the peanut bag from my hands,

“Hey! I wasn’t done whacking you yet!” I whine and he stares at me,

“I swear to god if you keep whacking me with this I am literally going to pick you up and throw you off this plane.” He says annoyed and I laugh,

“Of course you are.” I say sarcastically and he gives me a shocked look,

“you don’t believe me?” he asks and I shake my head,

“I’m not that stupid.” I say,

“says the girl who actually thought the plane was going to do a loop.” He says,

“you know what? I’ve never been on a plane so how would I know?” I question and he smirks,

“logic maybe?” I smack him in the arm ,

“your so mean.” I say and he laughs, as he’s about to say something his phone makes a “ding” sound and he takes it out,

“How do you get signal up here?” I ask,

“It’s not it’s a texting app thing, it runs on wifi.” He states,

“Well still how do you have wifi up here then?”  I ask,

“The plane has it.” he simply says and I shrug,

“Who is it?” I ask ,

“No one you’ll know.” He says,

“Aww so that means it must be one of the billion girls you have brought home with you?” I question and he looks at me with disappointment,

“So you think I’m some jerk too?” he questions ,

“I don’t think, I know you are.” I say back

“Really so when we were having a conversation I was being a jerk?” he questions,

“Not really but when I came into the limo you didn’t even say hi you were probably too busy texting one of your many girls.” I say simply,

“You know something? You are literally like everyone else. I have the freedom to be with as many girls  as I want and you have no right to just insult me like that!” he says angrily standing up from his seat, I sigh,

“Over dramatic too.” I say loud enough for him to hear it,

“Shut up! We both know the only reason your saying that is because you want to be one of those many girls.” he shouts back,

“your full of it. I've known you for maybe two hours now!” I yell back at him and he storms to the back of the plane,

I roll my eyes. What a vain person to think I would actually want to sleep with him! I was nothing like the girls who decided to get drunk one night and have some fun with Niall Horan, they were the girls who thought partying and getting wasted was the best part of life which it’s not!

He thinks of himself as some sort of king but he’s not. I literally want to walk up to him and- my thoughts were disturbed by Liam coming and sitting next to me,

“Hey Amelia, would you be able to explain what just happened?” he asks with his sweet smile of his that is one of the most cutest sights.

“Sure. Uh I was talking to Niall, he got a text from someone, I asked who.  I caught on to it was one of his one night stands and I started saying stuff, and he got all anger and such and bam now he’s somewhere else.” I say,

“Well then it’s not really your fault but don’t bring up his personal life, he won’t even talk to us about it.”,

“Why” I ask my curiosity getting the best of me, Liam shrugs

“I don’t know it’s just who he is. Niall really enjoys his life with all the girls and partying and even though we think it’s a stupid thing he enjoys it and I know he does it for a reason so please just don’t push him.” Liam tells me and I sigh,

“ya alright.” I reply and he smiles,

“great. I will see you after we get off this plane.” He says standing up I nod.

Then I realize something about the argument that I had with niall I wasn’t scarred for once in my life, I said what was on my mind and didn’t hold back, I told him what I thought and I didn’t regret it or think about what would happen if I said it!

I smiled at that thought of how finally I was speaking what’s on my mind instead of being silent. It was a strange feeling for me because I never spok what was on my mind. i always thought staying quiet would be best but I guess I was wrong. As the flight to United Kingdom continues, I begin to feel guilty for what I told niall even though it was true I felt like it was rude of me to say and right on cue Niall comes back and sits next to me.

I look at him for a minute ,

“I’m sorry for what I said about you.” I say he looks at me,

“Why?” he asks,

" Iits true isn’t it? Everything you said was true.” He says, I look at him with a bit of shook,

“ What I said to you was uncalled for though, im sorry about that.” I say,

“and I swear to god if you say a snarky comment.” I warn

“I was planning on it but it’s alright.” he says,

“you know you have two personalities.” Niall states,


“well first your all quiet and keep to yourself and then your like loud and un afraid its pretty creepy.” He states,

and I laugh “ya and you’re the same. You first act mean and stuff then you act like this, bipolar I tell you!” I say pointing to him he laughs,

“of course” he smiles. We continued to talk like this for the rest of the way before I feel my eyes become heavy and quickly I fall asleep.


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