What about me ?

Brooke is 15 and just moved to England she's new to her school but finds herself falling for one guy in particular , Harry styles. What happens when they get together and he goes on X factor? Will it break them when he goes on tour ? Will he forget about Brooke ? Read to find out :)


1. New life


Im 15 years old, i have dark brown hair with natural curls and blue/green eyes its hard to tell. I've been in England a week now and it's finally time to go to my new school. I'm so nervous , I've been at the same school in New Zealand since I was 5 , I've never had to do anything like this before. I only know one person at this school her name is Madi and she comes from New Zealand as well , she moved here 3 years ago with her family. I really hope I'm in her class other wise I'm gonna be a lost sheep. I better get up , mums yelling at me from downstairs "Brooke get up , breakfast is ready!" She keeps saying. I got up had a shower, put on my new school uniform which a have to say has a very short skirt. I left my hair in its natural curls and just tied back the top bits, I did my makeup and spent a while doing it , but made sure it wasn't to heavy, I need to make a good first impression. I went downstairs grabbed a bit of toast with Nutella and a glass of water. I say down at the table with my parents , older brother who's 18 and named Zack and younger sister who's 10, called Zoe. I get along with my brother, he's great but my sister couldn't be more annoying, she's a little brat. I finished my toast and went to go brush my teeth and find some black shoes to go with my uniform. I ended up just wearing my black converse. I said goodbye to my family and started walking to school, our house was only down the road so it wasn't far.

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