What about me ?

Brooke is 15 and just moved to England she's new to her school but finds herself falling for one guy in particular , Harry styles. What happens when they get together and he goes on X factor? Will it break them when he goes on tour ? Will he forget about Brooke ? Read to find out :)


2. first day


i got to school after walking for 5 minutes. i saw Madi outside with a couple of her friends, i ran up and gave her a huge hug, i hadnt seen her in 3 years. i was so happy to see her, she hadn't changed much at all. Madi showed me to the office, where i got my timetable and found out that i was in her class. i was so excited , we both had science first so she showed me were that was.

we got to science, i went up to the teacher and told her i was new and my name ect, then she did something i really wasnt expecting. she introduced me to the whole class and everyone was starring. well this is embarrassing i thought to myself. i was looking at everyones face. people here were so different to in new zealand. the boys especially, they actually cared about what they looked like. the teacher made me introduce myself and say where i was from , so i said "hi my names brooke and i come from new Zealand " they all seemed quite amused by my accent. i then went to sit down by madi because there was no seating plan for science. 

after science i was walking out with madi when her boyfriend louis  (who she had told me about on facebook) and his friends came up to us. this curly haired boy started talking to me , he said "hi my names harry, if you ever need anything just ask" with a big smile, i said "thanks nice to meet you harry im brooke" and returned his smile, his accent was amazing. louis' other friends were called Niall, Zayn and Liam, they were all really nice and good looking. we then had english so i walked off with madi. i kept getting this feeling that someone was looking at me though, i turned around and the 5 guys were walking behind us.


Madi had told us that her friend from new zealand was moving here, but i hadnt thought about it that much. I first saw her this morning when she ran up to madi and gave her a hug, even from a distance she looked pretty. i was excited when she came to science this morning, that meant she was in our class and we dont have very many girls in our class. i introduced my self to her and she seemed really nice, she has curls just like me and bluey green eyes , it was hard to tell. but there was no denying she was beautiful. 

we had english next , our class stays together for our core classes, so the lads and i followed madi and brooke. i could help but look at her in front of us but when she turned around i quickly turned to face niall who was talking rubbish to zayn. i said to the guys, "hey we should sit with madi and brooke at break because you know shes new and we should make her feel welcome" niall quickly agreed "yea good idea mate" he said.

we got to english and the teacher sat brooke at madi and nialls table. my desk was opposite from hers, we kept looking at each other but I can't say I really minded. Niall and brooke were really sparking up a conversation, it was sort of annoying me, was i jealous? i cant be. do i like her? i cant i dont even know her.


so i was talking to niall in english about how he moved here from ireland and what its like to be new. i kept getting looks from harry though, he looked kind of jealous. im probably wrong its probably nothing. what am i saying? i cant fall for him! its my first day for gods sake!


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