What about me ?

Brooke is 15 and just moved to England she's new to her school but finds herself falling for one guy in particular , Harry styles. What happens when they get together and he goes on X factor? Will it break them when he goes on tour ? Will he forget about Brooke ? Read to find out :)


3. break and the rest of the day


soon enough it was break, i went and sat with madi, louis, niall, zayn, harry and liam on the field, liams girlfriend olivia was also there, i hadnt met her before because she wasnt in our class. harry, niall and Zayn dont have girlfriends. we were all talking about random stuff then harry asked me "hey brooke were all going to the movies this weekend you should come" "yea that would be fun, i dont really know were to go but im sure madi could show me" i said. this caused some excitement in the conversation, we were going to see paranormal activity 4 apparently, i didnt mind because i dont get scared easily. louis and madi really were the cutest couple, louis was trying to make madi eat a carrot and it wasnt working very well. Haha i dont think im ever goin to get tierd of hanging out with these guys.


after break we had options so we all went to different classes. "what class do you have now?" i asked brooke, "french" she said "oh same here, ill show you were it is." i said happy that she was in my french class, we dont do much in french really. 

french class didnt turn out like i had hoped, the teacher sat brooke on tne other side of the room and i sat next to zayn who kept giving me shit about inviting brooke to the movies, lets just say it was a long spell. luckily we had math after french and our class was together again, i walked with brooke and zayn to math. we got to math and brooke went up to go talk to the teacher , she had to do this in every class because she is new, then came back and sat next to madi. i was sitting with the lads, i saw out the corner of my eye brooke looking over at us.

math was over pretty quick, then it was lunch finally, i was hungary and i wasnt the only one. we all sat back out on the field, we spent lunch just talking and eating, brooke is actually great company and is really funny too. after lunch we all had social studies so we all walked there when the bell rang. 


so we were in social studies and i was really bored, everyone was studying a play that i had already done in new zealand. so i found myself looking at everyone in the class just staring around the room. finally the bell rang, i walked out the front with madi to walk home. i said goodbye to her, gave her a hug then started walking down the street. i had been walking for about 2 minutes when i heard someone running up to me, i turned around and there was harry. he came up to me "where are you going?" he asked "home" i said "haha me too, i didnt know you lived cheshire" harry said "well i do, im guessing you do to" i replied ''yea, its a great place to live, nice little community." harry said which made me feel a bit better about moving here. 

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