The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


5. Training



All of us have three days of training- memorizing as much as we can before the games begin. All the time we are being assessed by the Gamemakers. And by the end of the 3rd day, we have our own private sessions with the Gamemakers who give us the points that will guarantee sponsors. Or if we fail- No sponsors. We are given a speech how likely we will die from infection and how likely we won’t. The odds aren't good. I steer clear of all the other tributes, including Bella. The boy tribute from District One scares me. His name's Jacob. He's been trained all his life to kill, and believe me, he can throw a spear from one side of the training room to the other, And STILL hit the dummy. I'm the person, who just tries everything. The dart gun= Ok. The Bow and Arrows= Not so ok. And the spear, well I'd better not have to use that. The only thing I'm great at, it snares and throwing knives. Okay, and possibly foods. Like which are edible, which are poisonous. I can smell the poison. Not that I even need food. All I need is blood. Delicious blood. Mmm. Anyway, there's something not quite right about the tributes from District One. They smell different. Not human. But hey. Who am I to judge? I'm not human either. Damon is an absolutely useless mentor. All he says is mingle and try to make allies. But I don't WANT to make friends with people who are analyzing different ways to kill me. Bella seems to be struggling with everything; I know she won’t last very long in the arena, whatever it may be.


I've managed to get the Careers to hate me. Just by accidently using Jacob's favorite spear. "When we get into the arena, you're gonna be the first person I kill." He snarled before departing. All three days of training has passed, tomorrow it's the assessment, then the live TV show. Then it's my deathbed.

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