The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


7. The TV Show, Live With Isaiah Original


No sleeping in for me. It's unfortunate actually, that this morning, the day that I would be on TV that for the first time in my life, I get stage fright. I know what you're thinking 'so much for a tribute in the hunger games.' Believe me, getting woken up, several hours before you should have been is hell. Having your prep team fussing over you, while you doze on and off is better. All for a TV show. At least perhaps now, Bella and I will wear what everyone else is wearing. Suits and dresses. Elena produced my costume for the evening. A bottle green tuxedo. Made of velvet. It's bad, but at least it's better than the chav outfit. By the time evening comes I'm so nervous I'm basically hyperventilating, and I've got a weight pushing down on my stomach which I cannot lift. Bella goes in to her own little conversation, with the famous Isaiah, while I am starting to feel sick, possibly from the lack of oxygen. Then, it's my name being called. I stand up; ready to face all of Panem, if only, only I could escape my fate. No such luck. If I don't go in of my own free will- I will be forced in. I walk nervously onto the stage, and am momentarily stunned. All I see is bright lights. Then I see the crowd, cheering and clapping. Isaiah stands and beckons for me to join him. I fear I have turned a dark shade of green. I step forward, and shake Isaiah’s hand. He takes a seat, and I realizing this is my cue, sit down on the tribute chair. "So, Edward, Feeling nervous? Any thoughts that you would like to share with everyone?" He flashed a winning smile at the crowd, who were leaning forward eagerly. "Well, um-" I wanted to say 'Nervous? Nah! I eat Nervous for breakfast!' But what came out of my mouth was- "Nervous? Hell yeah" The crowd laughed. "My thoughts on this? Isaiah you're a great guy. I really like you. The crowd? You're all great people." I smiled. "And my family- I swear that I will make it home to you." Isaiah wiped a tear from his eyes. A real tear or a fake one? Hard to tell. "What about the games?"

"Well, I'm obviously nervous about that, like it's a thorn in my side. But I will try to win, I wont go down without a fight." The buzzer went off.          

"Well, that's all from Mr. Cullen here. May the odds be ever in your favor."

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