The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


10. The Final Interview and Back home


I'm alive, I made it. And now I'm dressed in a simple mossy green suit, having my interview with Isaiah Original. "So Edward, you're not human?" "No, But it was probably a very entertaining quarter quell for everyone." "Your Bella is dead? How do you feel about that?"

"I felt like I was ripped in two, half of me wanted to make sure I could help her- but the other half, when I saw Leah and Jacob, warned me to run. You know which half I followed." I smiled sadly. Then I had to watch the whole thing- all the tributes dying, Bella falling in slo-mo, my face when I saw her dead. Leah and Jacob- killing all the other tributes, and me running as fast as I could away from them, in the sweltering heat. Then finally Jacob's death and the look of victory upon my face. I wanted to cry.

"There was a scene when I saw you drinking a bird's blood. You're a vampire." Isaiah accused. As soon as he uttered the word 'vampire' three figures materialized, dressed in black, with a large silver V on their chests.

"We are the Volturi. You have broken our law. You shall die." I saw black around me. Then absolutely nothing.


(A/N: Payback for the Team Jacob. Sorry Team Edward)

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