The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


9. The arena


I could feel the wolves were tracking me, and I was swearing that I hadn't been more careful. Less than a day in the arena all but three are dead. And guess what. I'm the prey, being chased by the tributes from district one. I travel on the ground- even though it's dangerous- but I wish I could travel in trees, leaping from tree to tree. Safe. I know the wolves are following me, soon I will be dead. What's more I need blood. I don't know how to communicate with Damon to get the sponsors to well, send me a cup of human blood. Sure I snack on the birds that seem to be stupid enough to nest on the sand, but that hardly is substantial enough for me to survive on. Yeah, I didn't feed yesterday- I forgot. I fingered the spear- and without realizing what I was doing I chucked it at Leah. It hit her throat. The cannon went off, and a hovercraft appeared in the sky. The claw came down and picked up Leah as if she were a toy. Jacob snarled at me, obviously annoyed. He phased back into human. "What the hell was that for?" Except he didn't say anything. I could hear his thoughts. Sweet. He walked forward, and snatched up a stick- he threw it at me the only thing he could think of. I managed to dodge it while still running- but it grazed my arm. Ow. Jacob re-phased, I saw his teeth glinting- his eyes sparkling- then he was dead. And the trumpets were being blown. Fastest tribute to have won in history.

(A/N: Sorry, team Jacob. I didn't want him to die either, but the team Edward people are happy that he survived)

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