The Female Escort

Cora is a female escort. She usually detests her job and her clients, but she just might have found one that changes her mind.


2. The Sleepover

The next morning I woke up to the throbbing of my head and Derrick’s snoring. I climbed out of bed slowly and found my purse. I popped about five mints to get rid of my morning breath, finger-combed my bed head, and put my dress on.

The silk was cold against my skin that had been warmed by the closeness of Derrick. He didn’t let me go all night. It was wonderful. I had never had someone just hold me. It was nice. I stood at the side of the bed and watched Derrick sleeping loudly, but peacefully. His blonde hair was disheveled and the right side of his face was scrunched up against the pillow. He moved his right arm around my side of the bed.

Was he looking for me?

Did he want to cuddle?

That’s adorable.

Sickening, but adorable.

He didn’t put one move on me. He kept his hands stationary on my stomach. He didn’t kiss me or anything. He just held me. He scrunched his eyebrows as his hand continued to search for me. He sighed, frustrated then cracked open one of his eyes.

“Were you watching me sleep?” He asked, still half asleep.

“No,” I paused and laughed nervously. “I was… I was trying to, uh,” I stuttered trying to by myself some time to come up with something convincing.

“I was trying to wake you. Didn’t you feel me shake your shoulder?” That was believable. Hopefully. I didn’t really want to be known as the-creepy-cat-for-her-only-best-friend-that-watched-me-sleep-for-God-know’s-how-long-that-one-time.

He looked at me confused.

“Weird. I’m generally a pretty light sleeper.” He said and sighed.

I laughed a little.

“So weird.” I agreed with him while nodding my head furiously.

He sat up and stretched. It was a sight to see. I could go on for days about how beautiful he was.

He got out of the bed and shuffled his feet to the bathroom. I got out my cell phone and checked the time. It was close to ten. Maybe Derrick and I would get lucky and his parents had breakfast without us.

After a few minutes, Derrick emerged from the bathroom and went into the large walk-in closet and pulled on a light blue v-neck and pair of dark-wash blue jeans.

He looked me over and pursed his lips.

“Do you want to change? You could borrow something of my sister’s.” He suggested.

“Okay.” I agreed.

He walked out of the bedroom and came back with a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I quickly put them on and followed him out of the room and downstairs into a very large room that had an extremely tall ceiling.

Derrick’s father was sitting at the head of the table reading the newspaper, as he took a couple of sips from his coffee pensively every few seconds. Derrick’s mother was sitting to his father’s left, wearing a plush baby pink robe with her hair in rollers and her glasses perched precariously on the tip of her nose, as she read The Great Gatsby; one of my personal favorite books.

Derrick’s mother looked up from her book and a delicate smile displayed on her pale pink lips.

“Good morning.” She said delightfully.

“Morning.” I said and smiled as I took a seat next to Derrick.

A maid, in full maid-like attire, walked into the room with a cart that was covered in silver platters that had food placed delicately on them.

“Wow,” I said quietly, as I watched the maid place a few of the silver platters on the table.

Derrick’s mother and father placed their reading material aside and filled their plates. Derrick and I did the same.

The maid poured some coffee into the mug that was sitting in front of me.

“So, Cora, what do you do for a living?” Derrick’s father asked as I took a sip of my coffee.

I coughed and nearly choked. I looked at Derrick in desperation as I coughed violently.

Derrick looked at me, also unsure of what to say.

“She’s a party clown. You know like one of those ones that are at kids’ parties all the time?”

“Oh…” His mother said as she looked at me disapprovingly.

The disapproving look vanished and her eyes brightened.

“You know I’ve been looking for a clown for my Grandson’s fifth birthday party this weekend,” She paused. “Do you think you could do the job?” She asked.

“Well, I-” She cut me off.

“I’ll pay you of course.” She said with a smile.

Derrick looked at me, anticipating my answer.

If didn’t accept, I would be looked down upon. If I did do it, I had to rent a clown outfit and make a fool of myself in front of little kids, but more importantly, Derrick. I mulled it over for a few seconds and decided to give an answer.

“I’ll do it.” I said with a smile.

“Great!” She exclaimed.

“What’s your clown name?” She asked and I looked at her confused.

“You know they have really funny names like, ummm,” She thought about it for a moment. “Sparkles or Cupcake or something like that.”

“Oh, yeah. I totally have a clown name…” I said and laughed nervously.

“Mc….um…giggles….a….lot?” I said in a questioning tone.

Mcumgigglesalot?” She asked with an incredulous look on her face.

“Drop the um,” I laughed nervously again. “McGigglesALot.”

“Oh,” She smiled. “How cute!” She said and laughed.

“I put a lot of thought into it.” I said and smiled.

“I can tell!” She beamed.


As we progressed through breakfast, I felt something touch my knee. I looked down and Derrick’s hand was lying lightly on my right knee. I put my hand on top of his and smiled.

“Well, Cora and I need to be getting back.” Derrick said and got up from his seat. I got up from my seat and stood awkwardly next to him.

“It was lovely meeting both of you and I’ll see you this weekend.” I said and smiled.

“Lovely meeting you too, darling.” Derrick’s mother said.

She looked over at her husband who was slouched in his chair, asleep.

She slapped his forearm. He jumped and let out one huge snore before opening his eyes.

“I hardly think that was necessary.” He muttered as he rubbed his forearm.

“Wake up and say goodbye to your son.” She said

“Wake up and say goodbye to your son.” He mocked her in a low tone of voice.

“Stop being a child.” She said through clenched teeth as she smiled.

“You first.” He said and showed her the red mark on his arm.

Derrick sighed, embarrassed and waved at them both as he walked out of the dining area. I quickly ran up the stairs and got my dress and purse and followed Derrick out.

We both got in the car and sat in silence for a few moments.

“I think it went well.” I said.

Derrick stared absentmindedly.

“What?” He asked.

“I said I think it went well.” I repeated.

“Oh, right.” He paused. “I’m sorry you have to dress up as a clown this weekend. I can make up something and tell them that you’re sick.” He said.

“Nah, it’s fine. It’ll be fun.” That was a lie. A big one, at that. I dreaded it. Every second I was coming closer and closer to the day of the party and it was making my skin crawl just thinking about it.

“I’m guessing you don’t have a clown suit, so I’ll find one for you and I’ll pay you extra.” He said.

“No, your mom’s going to pay me, don’t worry about it.” I said and gave him a reassuring smile.

He nodded.

“I think they liked you though. I know that they can be a little intimidating, but they’re generally nice people.” He said and chuckled nervously.

“They were funny. I like them.” I said and smiled.

He looked at my face for a few moments and smiled delicately at me.

“God… you’re beautiful.” He said quietly.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as they turned a bright red.

He cleared his throat and blinked.

“That was probably inappropriate as hell.” He muttered to himself as he started the car.

We drove in silence except for when I told him the directions to my apartment. As soon as we arrived, he parked his car in front of the building and turned the car off.

“I seriously can’t thank you enough for all of this. I thought I was going to go crazy if I heard my mother ask me if I was gay one more time.”

I laughed a little and smiled at him.

“Don’t mention it.” I said and placed my hand on the door handle.

“Wait,” He said as he unbuckled his seatbelt. “Let me walk you up.” He got out of the car before I could say anything and opened the door for me.

I got out and he opened the door for me. We climbed flights, and flights, and you guessed it, more flights of stairs until we reached my apartment. I grabbed my key out of my purse and unlocked the door as he stood in the hall silent.

“Thank you so much…again.” He said as he pulled a check out of his front pocket.

I looked at the amount. Three thousand dollars. That’s more than I’ve made in a long time.

“No, thank you.” I said and laughed.

He smiled.

“I’ll call you when I need you.” He said as he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

I walked in and Pearl sat on the floor switching her tail and giving me a very disapproving look.

“What?” I asked her.

She gave me a low growl in response.

“Someone’s pissed.” I murmured as I looked in the cabinet for some cat food to put in her bowl.

I found a can of cat food and it slowly slid out of the can and into her bowl with a disgusting plop sound.

She glared at me for a fraction of a second and then devoured the cat food.

I got on my laptop and checked my email. One new message from an address I didn’t recognize. I double clicked it and read the message. It was from a man named, Gage. Gage was twenty-seven and needed a date for his eldest sister’s wedding. He explained that he would be forever grateful if I would accept because he had already sent in his invitation and checked the ‘plus one’ box. He said that things had fallen apart with his girlfriend a couple of months ago, but he had expected her to come back. She didn’t. He said that he would pick me up on the day of the rehearsal dinner. I accepted because I liked money, not because I had a need for it. Since Derrick hired me I’ve been doing pretty well, but I like to shop.

I went into my closet and picked out a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

~Four days later~

I heard a knock on the door. I paused the movie I was watching, stopped petting Pearl, and listened carefully.

“What ever you’re trying to sell, I don’t want it!” I yelled.

Three more knocks on the door.

“Go away!” I yelled again.

It was blissfully silent for two minutes, I un-paused my movie.

Five knocks.

I got up from the couch and stomped my way over to the door.

“What part of go away don’t you-” I stopped mid-sentence. It was Gage.

“Hello,” He started. He had a british accent that was simply beautiful.

“I’m Gage.” He said with a beautifully charming smile and stuck out his hand for me to shake.

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