I am the president

You know what this is......


1. If I were President.

Dear Diary

I am president, I have the upper hand. I can finally introduce the thougths that have run through my head ever since I was nine and dreamed of being president. First of all, I will make politcal speeches to the public. The public is what is most important. As a child I was sick of all the prime ministers and Presidents only making speeches to those in favour and important. But I want to change that. I want to differentiate myself from the past dictators. I want to make my mark. I will give the younger generation a voice. Real concerning issues are happening internationally. What have the past goverments been doing? Sitting just trying to sort their money out. Children are still facing child labour, adults and children alike are deprived of a proper homes and facilities. Some children in other countires are denied their rights. These Children aren't allowed to learn, they aren't allowed to play. I will induce all my thoughts towards this country. I will rule with the public, not just boss them about and rule them. As a president I will make history and do what I best believe in!

                                                         Good night!


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