The Best Fandom Tale Ever Told

What do you think would happen if Jack Skellington, Sally and their (Fiction) Daughter Judy and Harry met? What would the Vampires from Twilight think of the Marks on the House of Night's characters heads? Would Sherlock try to figure out the science of Max's family? Would Star Wars team up with the Tributes? Will Voldemort like this big team?

All will be revealed in this crossed book......


3. 3

The woods near Forks was quite normal.

Quiet and peaceful. Before something went flying past. Her hair blowing behind as she ran smiling and laughing. She stopped at a cliff edge and smiled looking down. Two arms snaked round her body, making her turn in shock, before yanking her down like chains pulling a prisoner to the floor. The girl was pulled into water shrieking with laughter, as the man who committed the crime laughed along with her.

'Bella, you're getting to fast. Renesmee couldn't keep up with you. Thank god she stopped growing at thirteen.' Bella laughed at him, pulling him close.

'Edward, one minute you're saying I'm too strong, now it's "I'm too fast"? I'm a Vampire for goodness sake. Aren't I suppose to be fast and strong?' Edward laughed, beofre pulling her into a kiss.


[Quick bit about the TARDIS journey]

Harry and Ron sat on the floor lookng round the main part of the TARDIS, as Hermoine paced infront of them.

'It can't be bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside. It's not logical.' Harry and Ron sighed, before a beeping noise shreiked through the TARDIS. The Doctor came out from under the floor, and checked the monitor. His eyes widened and looked at Harry.

'Didn't you kill that Voldemort guy?'

'Yeah, why?'

'Beacuse... some alien has rewaken him.' Harry laughed.

'Good one Doctor.

'No, Harry, it's true. Some aliens found parts of him flying through space. They collected it in a big jar thing and have awakened him. He wants your blood apprently.'

'But why?'

'They wanted a leader, but once they brought him to life, he killed them all and started back to Earth. He's found some of his old team, but others won't join. But... no... god NO!!!' The Doctor threw the switch that controlled where they went into 2012- Forks USA. Amy and Rory rushed to him.

'What?' Rory asked, holding hs shoulder.


'We're heading for a bumpy ride guys. Hold on.'


Edward and Bella, walked back to the Cullens house, watching as Alice played with Renesmee. They smiled as the walked up the steps.

'Morning guys. Bella, still up for the rock throwing competition?' Emmett asked, his fimilair, comforting grin greeted them.

'Morning. Yep, it's still at La Push at three. No later.' Bella grinned back at him running slowly upstairs.

'Morning Renesmee, Morning Alice.' Edward said opening the door.

'Mom, Dad, hi.' Renesmee said smiling.

'Hey bro,' Alice said, walking over, seeming to bounce in her steps. 'I was wondering when-' She stopped and had that far away look in her eyes.

'Alice, what is it?' Bella asked, walking up to her and placing her hand on her elbow. Alice came out from her vision.

'There's a crash, not to long from here. On the treaty line between the Cullens and the Wolves.'

'Is it Charlie?' Bella asked scared,

'No. But a blue box. There's a guy shouting and five others. Two trying to calm him down and three sitting using... wands?' Alice said. Bella ran out the door and to Carlisle.

'Bella, what is it?'

'Carlisle, come with me, there's going to be an accident at the treaty point. Bring the first aid kit.'


'Jacob, hurry up, we're waiting.' Sam yelled into the Billy's house.

'Coming, coming, I was grabbing my shorts.' Jacob shut the door and ran with Sam to the cliff. Embry saw them and smiled.

'Hey guys, you almost missed Paul.' Sam and Jacob watched as Paul jumped off the cliff into the freezing waters below, laughing.


'NAH, I DON'T-' but he was pushed in, screaming and cursing. The others laughed, before Jacob noticed Sam's eyes open, glaring and cold.

'Sam, what is it?'

'Two bloodsuckers. But it's Carlisle and Bella.' Jacob perked up.

'No, not for the competition, there's going to be an accident there. Lets go. LEAH, SETH, LETS MOVE!' Sam said starting to run. Leah and Seth ran towards Jacob and asked him what was wrong. He expalined as they ran.


Bella and Carlisle were nearing their destination, when they were stopped by the sight of Jacob.

'JACOB?' Bella shouted running to the invisible line. Jacob heard her and ran towards her. They met in a friendly embrace. Bella was still mad at Jacob, for imprinting on her daughter, but at least he would be apart of the family. They smiled before noticing they had an audience. Bella turned back to Carlisle as a loud thud rattled the ground. Bella looked at Carlisle as they sprinted towards the crash, about three miles away. They looked at the scene, which was exactly like Alice described. A man shouting, two people trying to calm him down and three holding wands and trying to fix the blue box. Bella and Carlisle ran over, Carlisle ready to help with their injures.

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