The Best Fandom Tale Ever Told

What do you think would happen if Jack Skellington, Sally and their (Fiction) Daughter Judy and Harry met? What would the Vampires from Twilight think of the Marks on the House of Night's characters heads? Would Sherlock try to figure out the science of Max's family? Would Star Wars team up with the Tributes? Will Voldemort like this big team?

All will be revealed in this crossed book......


2. 2

'Harry!' yelled Ron, starting up the steps, towards Dumbledore's old office. His eyes started to hurt from the dust flying around the staircase. 

'HARRY!' Ron yelled again, rubbing his eyes. He yelped with pain as the dust rubbed deeper into his eyes. Harry ran to the top of the stairs. He sighed when he saw Ron, yelping.

'Here, Ron.' Harry said, throwing his hand out to his best friend, as if he was about to save his life... again. Ron opened his eyes, the red standing out as if they were coloured in by a two year old. Harry smiled and pulled his friend up the last two steps, before wandering to Dumbledore's desk and sitting down, his head on the desk, like when you're not well and the Teacher says "Just put your head down on the desk for a few minutes." Ron, looked round the room, keeping his eyes wide, then stared at Harry.

'McGonagall's wanting to see you, by the way. You've missed more of class than you should have.' Harry sighed, then stood up.

'Fine, lets go then. Watch out for-,' he said, but Ron was already tumbling down the steps, trying to pull his wand out. Harry shook his head, before running after him.


Harry was sitting at his desk, between Ron and Hermione, listening to McGonagall talking about Transfiguration, and when to use it, when Neville burst through the door.

'Neville, I see you've joined us at last. Now, Unless you've told us where you have been, 100 house ponts will be taken from Gryfinndor.' Neville wandered to the front and sat down.

'Miss, I lost my books, then three random people came to the school.' McGonagall raised one thin, graying, eyebrow.

'Really Neville, if I was wanting a story, I would have asked for it as Homework.'

'No, Miss, it's true, they're standing outside.' McGonagall stepped down the steps and started to the door. She opened the door, and Amy, Rory and the Doctor walked in, looking around. The pupils whispered, and looked around to the strange Muggles. The Doctor, still holding his Screwdriver, started to scan the room and books.

'Transfiguration? I know aliens called Zygons that can do that. Yes, they can change their appearance to look like human, so no one will know they are aliens come to destroy earth. Of course, I killed them but you know. Not a big deal. Now, Neville? Ah yes at the front.' The Doctor rambled, taking big strides to him,

'Neville, where's this Harry Potter you where on about? Amy, Rory, don't touch anything, you don't know what alien they've cut up.' Harry stood up.

'What.... who... who are you? And why do you want... me?' The Doctor turned and smiled.

'Ah, Potter right? Lovely to meet you, I'm the Doctor. From Gallifrey, Planet far from Earth. Now, Neville said you were... special right? I want you to stay still...' The Doctor placed his hands on each side of Harry's face.

'Now close your eyes.' Harry obeyed. The Doctor closed his eyes and entered his head.

'You poor boy,' He said after a while. 'Your parents died when you were a baby, you lived with Muggles? Oh, humans, right, eh... you found out you were a Wizard? Well, that's nice, you went to Hogwarts, which is here, you faced many dangers of some guy named, Vold-e-mort, you saw your only living family member Sirus Black, die from his cousin, how dreadful and then you and Neville killed Vold-e-mort. Well. You've experinced more than me,' he let Harry go, and opened his eyes.

'You pronounce it like Vold-er-mort, but when written, there is no r. And how did you know about my life?' Harry asked, his hands shaking in worry.

'Well, it's like doors in your mind. I open them up and find out your life. There were... interesting my boy. Now, hang on. What's your Teacher's name?'

'Profesor McGonagall.'

'Profesor McGonagall! Can you clear a space in the middle of the room please? I need space.' Just then, a vice piped up from the crowd of pupils.

'Ha, Potter, you always get tested. All becuase of that scar. Man, Voldemort should have just killed you. That wack-job's gonna take you away. To a mental hospital.'

'Now, who called me a wack-job? I'm the Doctor, from Gallirey, 900 and odd years old, and I'm a Time Lord. Who was it that called me a wack-job. It was... you' The Doctor pointed down the row to a blond haired boy.

'I'm sure this... Draco Malfoy right? Yes heard alot about you. A mean little boy who wants to be popular and is the "chosen one", right?' Everything went quiet as everyone stared at either the Doctor or Malfoy.

'No, I'm not "the chosen one".'

'Well, it was in Harry's thoughts.'

'Potter makes up lots of things.'

'Well, Malfoy, it seems you're a wee bit angry right?' The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver pointed to Draco and he scanned him.

'Well, you.. must hatte Potter for that.' He smiled. Draco's face grew red with anger. He stood up and walked to the door. He opened it and shouted 'JUST WAIT 'TILL MY FATHER HEARS OF THIS!', before the door slammed.

'Well, that's nice of himm, I shall like to talk to his Father. Profesor, can I take Potter away for awhile, I should like to talk to him.' McGonagall, nodded and sid "Wingardium Leviosa" Making the tabled move out the way.

'Thanks,' the Doctor said, then called on the TARDIS. It appeared in seconds. The pupils stared in awe at the blue police box, and started claouring to go in.

'Sorry kids, but you can't. Only Harry is leaving.' Amy said, pushing through the crowd.

'Can Ron and Hermione come?' Amy looked at the Doctor who frowned and shook his head.

'Of course. Where are they?' They stood just at the door, smiling at Harry, before the Doctor mumbled angrly and through it open, pulling them in. Harry, Rory and Amy pushed in and shut the door laughing at the three Wizards faces.

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