Christmas Miracle

Liam has been best friends with Jaylin (Jay) since the 3rd grade, after 11 years of nonstop laughing and smiling together Liam comes to find that Jaylin is dying of cancer. He wants to do something special before he looses her the coming Christmas... Will he be able to save his best friend Jaylin?


3. Stories, Fire, Pain

Jaylin's P.O.V

Zayn was the first to start off the story telling...

"Ok so on Christmas Eve one year, Doniya took out to this really old abandoned shed in the forest. Legend said that about 50 years before there was crazy shooting accident back there caused by a hunter who had mistaken the owners of the property for other forest animals. Anyways all the people in the family had died that night from being shot in the same place every time... Directly through their rib cages. So when Doniya had finished telling me that story I felt someone or something poke me right in the rib cage, the same exact place the family were shot in. From that day on we swore that it was haunted." For a second I thought he was making that up but his face was dead serious.

"Huh, interesting... so who would like to go next?" I asked

Louis raised his hand, "I would like to." he stuttered

I nodded in approval and he was about to begin when Harry cut him off. "Please tell me this isnt a ghost story!" he stammered

"It isn't you scaredy cat! Ok so about two years ago on Christmas Day, Eleanor and I went out shopping. So of course a fan spotted me and was desperate for a picture, we went up to the Christmas tree and posed while El took the photograph. The light got in my eyes and I toppled backwards, as I did I fell into the tree. This tree was about 25 feet tall and when I hit it the whole thing fell over. All the ornaments shattered and from the pressure of the fall the while mall lost power. From then on I am officially banned from the Doncaster mall." He shrugged an I couldn't help but let out a giggle. When I laughed I felt a sharp shooting pain in my arm, I looked down and tried to lift it but there was no strength. I figured it was just asleep so I left it alone. Niall decided to take a turn... "Ok so one Christmas Eve I got super hungry, so I went out to the fridge and ate all that I could. We hadn't had people over for the Christmas Eve party yet so when my mom went into the fridge to get all the food it was gone... Ok this is the funny part, when she turned away she looked at me and said 'Niall did you get hungry again?' But it was funny cause I had food from the dinner all over my face." We all just stared at him in silence. "What?!" He asked, that time I giggled. There was that pain again, but this time it was worse. It struck through my whole arm and shoulder, I shrieked and clasped my shoulder. "Jay, are you ok?" Liam asked, he was worried really worried and so was I. I shook my head as everything around me went black.
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