Christmas Miracle

Liam has been best friends with Jaylin (Jay) since the 3rd grade, after 11 years of nonstop laughing and smiling together Liam comes to find that Jaylin is dying of cancer. He wants to do something special before he looses her the coming Christmas... Will he be able to save his best friend Jaylin?


2. Snow Ball Fight

Jaylin's P.O.V

The boys and I have decided to start a snow ball fight, we chose teams... Liam and I were team captains, I chose first.

"Louis." I always had a fancy for him, plus he has a great arm. (i mean have you seen his biceps)

"Niall." ha saw that one coming.

"Harold!" I yelled out, I pointed to Harry and he scrambled torward me. That just left Zayn.

"Really? I'm last?" he pouted and stook out his little pouty lip. He slumped his shoulders and walked torwards Liam. I couldnt help but laugh, he can be so pathetic when he tries.

"Ok! My team on the left... Liam's team... RIGHT!" I screamed

We ran over to our sides and grabbed objects to use as baracades, my team used trash cans that were in the road. Not the cleanest thing in the world but its worth it. Laim's team just stood out in the open without anything to protect them. Harry rolled up dozens of snow balls and stacked them behind our baracade, I stuffed 5 in my coat and bolted to throw the snow balls at Zayn who was turned around having a conversation with Niall who didnt realize I was coming. I nailed Zayn right smack on the back of his head.

He shuttered and turned around and threw one at me that he had hidden behind him, it was about to hit me but I dodged it and it went back to Zayn and hit his calf. Niall came out from behind him with several snow balls stuffed in the pocket of his coat, he threw 3 at me and missed.

He pulled out 2 more and threw them, one hit my arm and the other one missed me, I tried to throw one at him with the arm he hit but that arm has suddenly grown weak. The snow ball flew only and 8 inches away from me, when I tried again it just my dropped to the ground directly infront of me.

"Time out!" I yelled grasping my arm, its now really loose. "I cant throw... my arm just gave out."

Liam looked worried, "Ok, um lets just go inside and hang out... maybe we can come back to this later when you can throw again." the boys and I nodded and we started inside.

I kicked off my boots and jacket and went to warm myself by the fire, the boys joined me and we cuddled together like penguins.

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