Christmas Miracle

Liam has been best friends with Jaylin (Jay) since the 3rd grade, after 11 years of nonstop laughing and smiling together Liam comes to find that Jaylin is dying of cancer. He wants to do something special before he looses her the coming Christmas... Will he be able to save his best friend Jaylin?


4. Living Dead

Liam's P.O.V "Jay! Jay are you ok?! Jaylin wake up!" I cried, everything was ok and then she just... My head dropped into my hands and I sobbed. 10 minutes later Jaylin still hasn't woken up, Harry called an ambulance and as they were lifting her into the gernie I just sobbed harder and harder. I didn't understand, she starting acting strange before we told the stories, and then she screamed and grasped her arm. Then she went unconscious. I don't understand, why did this have to happen to Jaylin? Of all people why did have to be my best friend?

Jaylin's P.O.V

I can hear voices but I can only see the darkness of my eyelids. "What's going on?" I said through my head, I tried to open my eyes but nothing happened. My arm was struck with more pain and on the inside I was screaming but on the outside nothing came out. No emotion No expression No sound The pain just kept coming and getting worse and worse untill I couldn't feel my arm anymore. I tried to move it, it was like my brain could no longer control my arm. There no pain, and nothing but a cold and dead feeling in my arm.

10 minutes later

My eyes arm finally opened, but my arm was still motionless. No progress in the movement of it. I lifted my opposite arm and raised my bad arm, I couldn't feel the touch, I couldn't feel the air underneath my arm as it rised up. My arm was pale as milk and as motionless as a dead body.

I put my arms down and closed my eyes. My hearing still hadn't come back but I could feel someone's presence. A doctor had entered my room, he pressed a couple of buttons and stuck a needle into my bad arm to inject some sort of liquid into my body. I pinched my eyes shut at the sight of the needle pressed into my skin. I closed my eyes once more and soon fell asleep.

2 hours later

"Jay... a-are you ok?" well sounds like my hearing came back, Liam's here... oh thank god Liam. I tried to speak but nothing came out, I didnt feel the pain in my arm. And when i looked dwon to see if the needle was still in my arm it wasnt there. In fact, my whole arm wasnt there. Ithrew up the the blankets covering me in search to see if it was just hidden... nothing. I felt my shoulder to see if I was just imagining it. All I could feel was a stud.

I looked at Liam like I was about to cry, and I did. I cried an ocean, I only have one arm... its gone... why? Those were the words that filled my head.

The doctor came in and I tried to speak but no words came out, so I used my hands. I pointed to what used to be my arm and motioned myself saying why?

"From what I hear your arm was hit by a snow ball, although the snow ball is harmless it was for you. We have found that you have a rare bone cancer, when your bone is hit it will give out and cause sharp shooting pains. In serious cases things like removing limbs can come to be, and in some... even death."

I shuttered and shook my head in dissapointment.

At that moment I felt dead, but I was living... Not for long though I suppose

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