Christmas Miracle

Liam has been best friends with Jaylin (Jay) since the 3rd grade, after 11 years of nonstop laughing and smiling together Liam comes to find that Jaylin is dying of cancer. He wants to do something special before he looses her the coming Christmas... Will he be able to save his best friend Jaylin?


1. Going back to Jay

Liam's P.O.V 

 The boys and I have finished our tour and are back home, back to our friends. Its the middle of November and I havn't seen my best friend Jaylin in months, but she lives two houses down from mine so I will be stopping by first thing.

"Liam stop shaking your freaking me out." Harry stammered... I elbowed him and soon realized I was shaking with excitement.

"Sorry I'm just excited to see Jaylin... I havn't seen her in months, feels like forever." Louis pulled into my driveway and I quickly opened the door and sprinted down the street to Jaylin's house, I knocked and stepped back to see if the boys were chasing after me.

No one answered so I rang the door bell... next thing I know here she comes. Jay opened the door and stood there silent for about 5 seconds then broke out and screamed.

"Liam! Oh my God I missed you so much! Im so freakin happy to see you!" she hugged me and I hugged back.

"I missed you too! I was shaking on the way back... Literally you can ask Harry." she let out her little giggle and invited me in.

"Speaking of Harry where are the lads? I havn't seen them in a while." she handed me a cup of tea.

"Over at my house... Why dont you come on over and you can see them, we can all watch a movie or something." she shrugged and grabbed her coat and put on her boots.

"Sure!" we walked outside and raced torwards my house like we do every time she comes over. And we both tripped over the one square in the sidewalk that was just a little higher than the others and went sliding into the snow. This always happens and we are still not cautious enough to remember. But I didnt care, All I cared about was the fact that Jaylin was there to trip with me like old times.

There we were laying in the snow, "I bet I can make a better snow angel than you." I turned my head and shrugged my eyebrows. Then my shoulders. But that was my thing that says lets do it! So we made snow angels and when we stood up hers was better than mine... like always!

"See I told you!" she said, we continued our race to my house and stepped in.

"Jaylin!" the boys all yelled as we stepped in. She went around hugging everyone and having mini conversations.

"How was the tour? I heard the new album and I love it! I cant beleive you guys are so good and so stinkin adorable!" Harry blushed at that... oh Harold.

"It was fantastic! But of course we missed you..." said Louis, referring to Jaylin.

"Perfect answer Lou, just like always." she winked at him and Louis attempted to wink back.... (it didnt work)

We all sat around talking about random things like carrotts (tense of Louis), cookies (Niall got hungry again), and baby blankets... I really dont know where that one came from but you know... we are interesting people. Then the subject of Christmas came up.

"So Jaylin what do you want for Christmas?" she just shrugged like she always does

"Oh I dont know... Christmas isn't even for another month and you know me I dont start thinking about Christmas utnil the week before or something like that... I'm a very lat minute Christmas list person."

Yup that's Jaylin for you... Although she's last minute she's still wonderful



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