Meant Something For A Change (Justin Bieber)

Hey, good girl
With your head in the clouds
I bet you I can tell you
What you're thinkin' about

You'll see a good boy (you see a good boy)
Gonna give you the world
But he's gonna leave you cryin'
With your heart in the dirt

His lips are dripping honey
But he'll sting you like a bee
So lock up all your love and
Go and throw away the key

Hey good girl
Get out while you can
I know you think you got a good man
GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN...It's all in the chance of a life time


2. Like My Mind its Cloudy in Here

-Megan p.o.v-

I've been up in my room the whole day i just can't imagine what's fun about you torturing people in their life does that make you perfect..

i couldn't stop thinking about what happened today the whole knight i know Liz has tried to talk to me all night but i just couldn't really be that happy and she thankfully understood that and didn't pressure me at all.she actually heard the song that i wrote today and she thought it was pretty good so will do a video about it soon and i have an idea on how it should be this was going to be amazing finally Megan's breakout is coming out.

i opened twitter since i ran after what happened and didn't continue the day at school..when i opened it i answered a few fans posted a quote "She Shall Be Loved but By The Right One"many fans re-tweeted and some asked what happened ?to be honest i didn't want to answer that question yet so i left it as if i never saw it.i saw the trends which were #StayStrongMegan #MeganAndLizNewSong and #JelenaBrokeUp well aww they were amazing they must have saw something that Candy tweeted about god i hate her really and Liz must have tweeted about the new song that i wrote so cool but jelena broke up i think that stands for Justin and Selena wow to be honest i love him so much we did a cover for as long as you love me by him and got a lots of goods out of it and it was fun to make really but he must be so broken about the break up i wish i could somehow help him but i know that i know that he wont see it but at least its worth a shot i clicked a new tweet "@JustinBieber hey Justin i hope your okay just so you know it will be better it always gets better i hope you feel better soon as we support you"it wasn't that big of a tweet but i know what it felt like to lose someone you love.

-Justin p.o.v-

i guess its out official there's nothing i can do anymore everyone knows that me and Selena broke up it was hard i guess she said she couldn't take the hate and everything considering herself as her career also made it hard so she broke up with me we didn't tell anyone the reasons though we thought it was kind of personal which it was but i felt my fans were like my family they were always be there for me i checked twitter replied to some people and re-tweeted some and went to see what was trending #StayStrongMegan #MeganAndLizNewSong #JelenaBrokeUp #WeLoveYouJustinYourBeliebers oh how i love them but the first two really caught me attention i guess the second was for some singers that had a new songs coming later cool but the first one which really interested me who was Megan and why did she have to stay strong ? i clicked on it the tweets went to Megan Mace and i went to her profile she was so gorgeous like she could be a model and her friend Liz she was Hot but not as beautiful as Megan though i saw her last Tweet was toward me i read it "@JustinBieber hey Justin i hope your okay just so you know it will be better it always gets better i hope you feel better soon as we support you" wow i re-tweeted  it and Favorited it and replied with thanks love means alot to your support im okay i sure hope you are soon would love to talk to you " i sent it and followed her so we can talk i mean she sounds cool not the obsessiveness kind you would say. i decided to see the song when will it be released after five minutes i better hurry ..

-Megan p.o.v-

i was just getting ready for the live stream for the new song before we release the music video i guess you can say we did it pretty quickly as Liz did whatever was in her power to keep me busy today Liz entered the room in a rush then squeaked and was about to say something when the light turned red meaning we're on she shut-ed up and smiled i Took a deep breath i can do this...

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