Summer Love *Complete*

It was the summer of 2011 and the warm sunlight was streaming through the car window. I groggily opened my eyes to see the family car pulling into our summer house in Australia.

"Arabella, we're here." my mother whispered, turning around in her seat.

"Start grabbing your bags out of the back." my father told my sister Jillian and I.

We were spending the season in our summer house this year. Our home was actually in Mullingar, West Meath Ireland. I didn't really want to come down here. I don't like the beach; mainly because I don't like to tan and I'm insecure about wearing my bathing suit around.

"Perk up, clover. Good luck is coming your way this year." My mother constantly tried to convince me that this year's summer would be better than all the rest, but I obviously didn't believe her. Just because we were some where else, doesn't mean that anything will be different.


2. Scolding

I climbed up the stairs and opened the back porch door.

"Who was that? What were you doing? Is there some funny business going on that I need to know about?" my mother loaded me with questions.

"Just like a woman to jump to conclusions." my father chuckled as he walked into the sitting room.

"Adam, how can you be so calm about this?" she motioned toward me as she directed herself at my father.

"Lori, it's fine."

"How do you know? We've never met this boy. He could be a serial killer!" Just so you're aware, my mother has a serious case of paranoia.

"Honey, he's eighteen. I highly doubt that he's thinking about killing young women." he laughed.

"Perhaps not, but he is thinking about doing other things to young women." she replied coolly.

My father looked at her amazed as I blushed in humiliation. She crossed her arms and glared at my father.

"If it's any consolation, Lori, then I'll go have a talk with our neighbors. Happy now?" he asked exasperated.

"That would be nice. Maybe I should bake something so we don't seem as suspicious." she thought aloud.

"Bake? In the middle of summer?" I inquired.

"You underestimate the power of the pie." she wagged a finger at me.

I rolled my eyes and headed for my room. I passed Jillian on the stairs when, out of the blue, she stopped me.

"Hey sis," she murmured. "Sis?" she hasn't called me "sis" in years. "I wanted to say thanks for taking me down to the beach. I had fun, and I put your curtains on your bed." With that, she left me dazed. Weird, I must say.

I found my curtains on the bed just as Jillian had told me. I sat on my bed and looked out the window. From my window, I could see into another room across the way. There I could see Niall standing in (what I suspect) was his room. He was pulling on a white tee. I grabbed my curtains and made my way to the window. I had to put these up fast. Watching him like this makes me feel pervy. Taking the curtain rod in hand, I began the excruciating process of hanging up curtains. Finally, I tried to adjust the rod into position in the window. When I'd finished, I stepped back and admired my handy work. As I went to close them, I noticed something. Niall was grinning at me from his window. I blushed and waved half-heartedly. He waved back. I suddenly felt very self conscience.

"Beautiful." he mouthed and gave me a thumbs up, some how knowing what I was feeling. I blushed. His eyes widened and he turned around, saying something. He turned back to me and shrugged. He motioned that he had to go and I nodded warily. "Later." he got up and left. I stared after him, frowning. I changed quickly and plopped down on my bed. I ran over in my mind how this has been the most human contact I've had with someone other than my family in over a year. Long story short, I was an outcast. I didn't like people and people didn't like me. I'd always had trouble making friends. But Niall seemed so much more different than everyone else. A lot more kinder and trusting. He made me feel all of those insecure, girly feelings. Strange, but it was a comfortable feeling. I liked the way he made me feel. I like...him.

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