Summer Love *Complete*

It was the summer of 2011 and the warm sunlight was streaming through the car window. I groggily opened my eyes to see the family car pulling into our summer house in Australia.

"Arabella, we're here." my mother whispered, turning around in her seat.

"Start grabbing your bags out of the back." my father told my sister Jillian and I.

We were spending the season in our summer house this year. Our home was actually in Mullingar, West Meath Ireland. I didn't really want to come down here. I don't like the beach; mainly because I don't like to tan and I'm insecure about wearing my bathing suit around.

"Perk up, clover. Good luck is coming your way this year." My mother constantly tried to convince me that this year's summer would be better than all the rest, but I obviously didn't believe her. Just because we were some where else, doesn't mean that anything will be different.


8. It's Only Temporary

I groggily opened my eyes to see a strange room, with a strange man examining me, with a strange family standing in the room.

"What's going on? Where am I? Who are you?" I began panicking causing my head to hurt.

"Do you know who you are?" the doctor-looking man asked.

"Duh. I'm Arabella. Arabella Holsten."

"Anything else?"

"I'm eighteen. By birthday was May 5, my favorite color is aqua, and my head really hurts." I put a hand to the crown of my head to feel some thick bandaging.

"I see." he stood up and walked over to the older woman and her...very attractive son. "It's only temporary. She may have some trouble adjusting with you, but I'm sure you'll make due."

The boy, my age, walked over to the bed I was in, and sat as close to me as he dare.

"Do you remember me?" he searched my eyes for something of normalcy, and I could tell how desperate he was. Something about him gave me an itching feeling, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. When I didn't answer, he frowned, and a tear ran down his cheek. "I guess not." It broke my heart to see him this way, for reasons beyond my comprehension.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"It's okay," he let the tear drip from his chin onto my blanket,"it's not your fault." He stood up quickly and walked back over to the women, told her something, then left the room in a haste. I hated to see him go.

"She can be released immediately, but you'll have to watch out and take care of her for awhile."

"Will do." she nodded.


I was in a car with people I couldn't remember. The doctor had told me before I left that I had a mild case of amnesia, but it was still in reversable condition. I sat in the back behind the woman driving, and it seemed every time I looked up, the teenage boy was looking at me in the mirror. Everytime I noticed, he averted his eyes from me.

Eventually, we reached a very nice beach house. The one next to us was surrounded by cars and policemen. They were escorting a demented women out of the house, with her kicking and screaming.

"Who's that? She looks familiar." I asked the boy.

He looked shocked that I'd talked to him. He looked over in that direction to analyze the scene.

"That's your mother," he finally said," she had a nervous breakdown. I was there." he looked at me longingly. I pulled him aside on the porch.

"Look, uhm--"

"Niall," he said in a pained tone.

"Niall, I'm sorry I don't remember. I don't even know what I'm supposed to remember."

He smiled warily. "I was, err-- am your boyfriend."

My eyes widened. This boy was absolutely gorgeous and he said that we were dating. No wonder I had a hard time remembering; this didn't make any sense.

"You're insecure." he grinned. "That's how I know that you can't believe it."

He knew me well. It was a shame I couldn't remember him.


We sat on the porch bench and discussed what I was like. Everything seemed to add up. There was a silence were I had nothing more to say. Niall began tapping a beat onto the porch railing.

That beat, I thought, Why is it so familiar? Then I had a flashback, him tapping on my knee in some place, then another where I was playing piano. That song, that tune, it was something I had played before.

"Your sheet music." I mumbled.

"What?" he looked at me, a bewildered look on his face.

"You wrote sheet music, and you asked me to play it. That's all I can remember."

"Progress." He nodded and smiled. It seemed like a genuine smile too.

"What else can jog my memory?"

"How about this?" he leaned in and kissed me. I thought about pulling away, but it was a sweet, warming kiss. When he pulled away, I'm positive I was beet-red.

"Well? Did that help even the slightest bit?" he smirked.

"Not exactly." my voice cracked. He just smiled and laughed as he put an arm around my waist. Feeling comfortable, I lay my head on his chest. I counted his heartbeats.

"Niall," I started," I desperately wish I could remember."

"You will." He kissed my hair. "In time, you will." 

We sat in silence. Not one of those awkward silences, but just silence. Enjoying one another's company. 

"Niall, Arabella? Lunch is ready." the woman called.

"What's her name, your mom?" I asked him.


"Oh, okay."

We walked inside and sat at a large, oak table. Maura, she was called, brought out plates piled with food. She set the one with the most on it in front of Niall. My head started to hurt as another memory returned. I was eating breakfast, Niall sat across from me, his plate filled with breakfast foods.

"Quite an appetite you have." my father said.

"Fast Irish metabolism." he had replied.

My put my hand to the bandages on my head as the pain expanded.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked, looking up from his food.

"Yeah," I grinned, covering the pain," just a little flashback."

"Well what was it?!" him and Maura scoot closer to me.

"It was breakfast, some time at breakfast. I remembered how much food you had on your plate, and you and my dad were talking about Irish metabolisms." I blushed at such a trivial memory. "Speaking of which, where is my father, and my sister. What was going on with my mother?" Neither of them answered, so I began to eat my sandwich. It was good, but I wasn't very hungry.

"Excuse me," I said pushing away the dish and standing up. They looked at me in surprise, but I quickly left the room before they could question me. I found a door to a back deck and walked outside. I stood at the railing, leaning over the edge, feeling sick. I weep silently at the emotions and confusion swirling inside my head. Who were these people, how could that boy in there be my boyfriend, what happened to me, and why was I here? So many unanswered questions. I ran a hand through my long brown hair. I was always so lonely, so why were these people taking me in? How did I even meet them? But an even bigger question came to mind: why was my mother taken away?

"Arabella? What's going on?" his voice echoed through the air. I straightened up and wiped away my tears.

"Nothing. I just needed some air." I turned to face him. His concern for me made me wonder how close we had been before.

"I can tell something's wrong. Here, sit." he sat on a small couch and pat the cushion next to him. I plopped down next to him and held my head in my hands.

"Now, tell me. What's going on inside that pretty little head of yours?"

"I have so many questions, Niall. I need them answered."

"I don't know if I can. The doctor said that some memories may push you over the edge, and I don't want that to happen." he looked at me with sad eyes.

"Fine," I agreed. "If it's going to affect me negatively, then don't answer."


"Okay. First off, how did I first meet you?"

He smiled. "Well, I first saw you looking at me from your bedroom window. Then, we officially met on the beach when you headbutt me after I kinda sorta scared you awake."

I felt a blush creep up my cheeks. "I really watched you from my window?" The memory came flooding back. Him running out into the water as I took down my curtains. His green trunks, and the biggest smiled stretched across his face. He waved, and I blushed at how embarrassed I was for staring as I waved back. "Ow." I rubbed my temples.

"What wrong?" he put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's just, sometimes it hurts to remember." I told him.

"I can't do this if it's going to hurt you. I'd have you not remember me at all, rather than hurt yourself trying to."

"But I want to know! I can handle it! Plus, it only hurts when I remember how I felt about you..." I whispered. "And I want so desperately to remember how I felt." Tears rimmed my eyes.

"What's the next question?" he asked. I gave him a weak smile.

"How is some one like you my boyfriend?" I asked shyly.

"You still consider me your boyfriend?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course. If I was lucky enough to land you, why lose you just because I have no memory?"

He laughed. "I'm the lucky one if I have a girlfriend who'll stay with me even during amnesia."

"Well, I--I see the way you look at me. makes me wonder, what did we have together? Was it special? And when I look at you, I die a little inside because I know we did. This whole amnesia thing makes me sick, only remembering bits and pieces. I want to remember so badly. I want to know how it felt to love you." A stream of tears ran down my cheeks. "I've never loved, or have been loved for that matter. But when I finally had it, I had to lost it. It's not fair! It's just not fair! Gah." I grabbed my head and cringed in pain. It hurt so much. I curled up into a ball and began to cry harder. I don't know what I saw, everything was fuzzy.

"It's not fair! You get to have friends and I don't!" I yelled at my mother. My cheek had burned and I had bruises on my arm. She had hurt me, pulled my hair, but I didn't know why. Everything ran by so fast.

"He's messed you up!" she screamed at me

"No! It was you--"

"Arabella! Arabella are you okay? Answer me please!" Niall shook me back into reality. I cried into his chest whilst he stroked my back.

"What happened?" he asked, anxious.

"Niall, it was so awful. My mother, she was hurting me, yelling at me. I had bruises, and she slapped me." Something went off in my head. "She did this to me." I said to myself. "She did this to me!" I screamed.

"Arabella, calm down." Niall spoke.

"How can I?" My tears fell faster. "I was finally happy and she took it away from me! I don't know how but I know she hurt me! My own mother!"

"It's okay." he tried again.

"No it's not! Niall I loved you. In fact, I think I still love you. The more time we spend together, the more I remember how we were. I want that back."

He came and hugged me. "We will have it back." he whispered in my ear. "I promise."

"Ooh! I have an idea!" he eagerly walked over to a spot near the door. Suddenly, The entire back deck lit up beautifully.

"It's gorgeous."

"It must be for that to always be your reaction." he smiled.

I blushed as he walked over to me. He lay one hand on my hip, and the other on the small of my back. I felt self-conscious, even thought I knew he was my boyfriend. He looked lovingly into my eyes. I realized what a beautiful deep blue they were. He leaned in slowly and kissed me. Everything came back, all I knew of me and Niall came back. I ignored the throbbing pain and kissed him harder. It felt so good to know who he was. It felt good to remember my love for him; how he made me feel like I mattered, like I wasn't some outcast.

"Getting ahead of yourself?" he joked.

"Niall," I cried tears of joy.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing." I smiled through tears. "Everything is so right. I remember you."

"Not anything else?"

"Does anything else matter? I remember you. All I've ever wanted, and I finally remember it. I love you. I--" I fell to the floor.

"Arabella? Oh my god, mom! Mom!"

"Niall," I reached out to him.

"What? What is it?" he leaned over me as Maura came out to join us.

"Niall, don't...don't let me forget. Not again." I touched his face. "I love you."

"I love you too." he was crying. Next thing I know, everything is as dark as it was before, but this time, I won't forget. I won't.

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