Summer Love *Complete*

It was the summer of 2011 and the warm sunlight was streaming through the car window. I groggily opened my eyes to see the family car pulling into our summer house in Australia.

"Arabella, we're here." my mother whispered, turning around in her seat.

"Start grabbing your bags out of the back." my father told my sister Jillian and I.

We were spending the season in our summer house this year. Our home was actually in Mullingar, West Meath Ireland. I didn't really want to come down here. I don't like the beach; mainly because I don't like to tan and I'm insecure about wearing my bathing suit around.

"Perk up, clover. Good luck is coming your way this year." My mother constantly tried to convince me that this year's summer would be better than all the rest, but I obviously didn't believe her. Just because we were some where else, doesn't mean that anything will be different.



So I was back to being alone. Things have been hard in coming back to Mullingar. I did what Niall said;not keeping in touch or anything. Life ultimately felt empty. Before I met him, I knew there was a void of unexperienced feelings, but now that I understood what I was missing, there's no way to cope with the emptiness. It was only a summer, but it felt like so much more.

I attempt to clear my head, I turned on the radio. Guess what came on? "Summer Love" by One Direction; the song I helped Niall with. I listened carefully to the morose lyrics. It seemed he finally found the right words. I gave myself the privilege of letting a tear roll down my cheek. It seemed to match the bleary, overcast sky above. Raindrops beat mildly against my bedroom window. I sat in the sill, staring out at nothing in particular.

"Honey," my father said, opening my bedroom door,"can we talk?"

"About what?" I asked skeptically.


"No." I replied sternly. He'd made me fall in love with him, open myself up like a book to him, then broke my heart. The last thing I wanted to do was talk about it.

"Okay then, well. It's been about three months since we came back, and I'm fairly sure you haven't been doing your homeschooling, so that needs to change starting tomorrow. I don't mean to be rude, but I at least want you to have an education."

"I understand," I wiped away the tears that has been absently falling down my cheeks. I sniffles a bit and glanced at my father. He stood in the doorway, fatherly concern on his face. He knew how much I adored Niall. With out another word, he left the room. I stood up and walked to my bed. I sat down and picked up the picture frame on my nightstand.

The picture was of Niall and I sharing a kiss on his back deck during our 'summer camp' outing. I lay the picture face down and pulled up my covers. I desperately needed sleep.

"Do your calculus." My father pointed at my blank paper.

"I will, I will," I nagged.

"Daddy," Jillian whined," I wanna play ball."

"Sweetheart, I'm busy."

"But I wanna." She tugged his sleeve. He groaned.

"Arabella, play with her."

"Do I have to?" I interjected.

"It's either that or calculus." He replied.

"Let's go." I nudged Jillian toward the door.

After about 15 minutes if arguing on who goes when, Jillian was up first to kick in our kickball game.

"Ready?" I asked her.

"Mhmm..." She readied herself. I rolled the ball and she connected with it. The ball flew over my head and rolled lightning fast down the street.

"Don't just stand there, go get it!" She yelled.

I took off after the ball. It landed in the yard of house 124. Looking around, I couldn't seem to find it.

"Arabella?" his angelic voice rang. My stomach dropped as I looked up to see his handsome face.

"Niall," I snatched the ball from him. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here. Did you follow me home?" He asked.

"Oh, don't flatter yourself." I narrowed my eyes at him. "I live down the street. I house 110."

He looked at me for a long moment, taking in all that I had said. I looked down at the ball I held in my hands, not wanting to hold his gaze.

"I--I never, stopped...loving you." He muttered. I looked up at him in shock.

"Neither did I."

He caressed my cheek and the feeling felt all too familiar.

"Is there any chance we could--"

"No." I yelled at him as tears began to fall.


"No!" I cut him off. "I don't ever want to see you again! Bye." I stalked off. I kept my head down, letting tears flow freely.

"But I love you." He called after me.

"I wish I could say the same, but my heart was torn in two." I clasped the ball to my chest and resisted the temptation to run home.

"Was that Ni--"

"I don't wanna talk about it." I thrust Jillian's ball at her and walked in to the house. I ran as fast as I could up to my room. After slamming the door shut, I tripped and fell onto my bed. I clutched my comforter and sobbed loudly. Seeing him again hurt more than losing him in the first place...


Sneak Peek:

Nails POV:

"Can you sign this please?" A little girl voice asked. I looked up at her and recognized her strawberry blonde braids.


"Hey Niall, it's good to see you again." She smiled. The boys gave me confused looks but I ignored them.

"Ditto. Did your sister bring you?" I asked anxiously.

"Huh? Yeah. Arabella's here." She replied. I got a little giddy in my seat. It's been about four months since I've talked to her. I've seen her around, but she has been refusing to respond to me. I still loved her too.

"Can I talk to her?" I asked.

Jillian smirked deviously. "Maybe I could convince her to come over here, but it's gonna cost you."

"Anything you want."

"Backstage passes." She leaned over the table, looking me in the eye.


"Pleasure doing business with you." She backed off. For a ten year old girl, she was frightening. Jillian pulled out a pink, flip phone and hit redial. Once the ringing stopped, her composure changed and she seemed sad.

"Arabella," she cried desperately," I'm lost, where are you? I can't find you anywhere. Come get me please."

There was a short pause.

"I'm up front, hurry! It's scary." With that, she hung up and reverted back to herself.

No less than five minutes later, a hand with manicured pink nails grabbed Jillian's shoulder.

"Thank goodness you're here!" Jillian hugged Arabella's waist.

"Mhmm," she stroked Jillian's hair once," you ready to go?"

"I still need Niall to sign this CD." She pushed a disc towards me.

"You've got to be joking." She protested. With an exasperated sigh, Arabella let go of Jillian and glared at me. I almost retreated in my seat, but I was too happy to see her.

"Don't bother trying to talk to me. You've made it fairly clear that you don't care how I feel."

"What are you talking about?" I gave Jillian back her disc.

Arabella's face was guarded, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. Her soft brown hair, longer than I had seen it in awhile, fell over her shoulders. She didn't answer me.

"So how have you been?" I tried again.

"I've missed you." She picked up Jillian's CD and wheeled the little girl away. I watched her as she made her way quickly through the crowd.

"Mate, who was that?" Liam asked, leaning over to my seat.

"My inspiration."

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