Summer Love *Complete*

It was the summer of 2011 and the warm sunlight was streaming through the car window. I groggily opened my eyes to see the family car pulling into our summer house in Australia.

"Arabella, we're here." my mother whispered, turning around in her seat.

"Start grabbing your bags out of the back." my father told my sister Jillian and I.

We were spending the season in our summer house this year. Our home was actually in Mullingar, West Meath Ireland. I didn't really want to come down here. I don't like the beach; mainly because I don't like to tan and I'm insecure about wearing my bathing suit around.

"Perk up, clover. Good luck is coming your way this year." My mother constantly tried to convince me that this year's summer would be better than all the rest, but I obviously didn't believe her. Just because we were some where else, doesn't mean that anything will be different.


10. Conditions

It seemed that every time Niall woke me up, the pain in my lower body grew more and more. It was eight o' clock when I'd fallen asleep again. This time, I woke up on my own around 8:45 so, not quite an hour. I was still nude, so I wrapped a blanket around myself and surveyed the room. I was alone, and my clothes were strewn across the floor. Since Maura was most likely home, I wanted to have my clothes on if and when she comes to check on me. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and tried to stand up. Almost immediately, I doubled over in pain. Not only because of my post-coma condition, but also from the agony of last night's bliss. The aching was so intense that I couldn't move. I held back tears, not wanting to prove my body helpless. I heard heavy foot steps walking down the hall just before Niall opened the door, wrapped in a towel. His face held worry as he walked over to me. He helped me back onto the bed and examined me for injuries.

"I'm fine," I told him for the third time,"I just wasn't able to walk. You know, post-coma lightheadedness accompanied by losing your virginity."

"I knew it was a bad idea, given your conditions." he sat next to me, leaning over the bed, his face in his hands. I moved behind him.

"If anyone is to blame, it's me. But the thing is, no one is to blame because everything went smoothly. I was just being foolish by trying to push my boundaries." I massaged his shoulders. I leaned against his wet body, wrapped my arms around him, and kissed his cheek. "You know me, always trying to get ahead of myself."

"So is the pain really that bad?" he picked me up and put me in his lap, concern obvious in his voice.

"No. Just a pang every now and again." I got out of his lap so he could pick up my clothes.

"How about last night?" he asked seductively as he handed me my clothes.

"Honestly, I was very impressed."

"You doubted my sexual abilities?" he pretended to feel offended. I finished pulling on my clothes and leaned back on my elbows.

"Not after seeing that." I giggled as I pointed his groin. Realizing his towel had fallen off, Niall quickly picked it up and covered himself. "You look extremely sexy with wet hair, well, just being dripping wet in general."

He grinned at me. "You really are something else."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked confused.

"You're not like anyone else I've ever met. Why is that?" he came and sat next to me.

"Probably because I'm an outcast." I blushed and hid my face in my hair.

"Well you're everything I've ever wanted." he tucked my hair back.

"Then you don't ask for much."

"You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. There's nothing you should be ashamed of." He looked lovingly into my eyes, and I knew that he truly believed it. He caressed my cheek and stroked it tenderly.

"I love you," he whispered before kissing me.

"And you mean it?" I asked.

"You know I do." he smiled, giving me more little kisses. He gently bit my lower lip, teasing me. Kissing me again and again, I smiled whilst his lips were still against mine.

"Oh my, I see I'm interrupting something." Maura said, backing out of the room.

"It's really nothing. Niall just came to check on me when I fell out of bed. I couldn't get back up, so he came and helped me."

Niall stood up quickly, taking extra precaution as to not drop his towel, grabbed some clothes, and left the room. Maura stood in the doorway, and inspected the room. Assuming it fit her expectations, she walked over to the bed and took a seat next to me.

"So, did you sleep well?" she asked a bit rhetorically. I decided to answer her anyway.

"Aside from the waking up every hour, yes, it was better than I thought." I put on a fake smile, hoping she wouldn't see through it.

"And Niall stayed with you." she said a bit more to herself.

"Yeah," I smiled warmly,"he's an incredible person."

"You truly believe that?" she looked me directly in the eyes, making me feel small in comparison.

"Of course I do," I answered truthfully," him."

She gave me a small smile and her eyes seemed to brighten. She pat me on the shoulder as she stood up to leave.

"Oh, and one more thing," she turned around and smirked at me, her eyes glinting with something that appeared to be mischievous. "The next time you two decide to 'shake the bed,' could you please do it a bit more quietly?" she laughed before walking out and down the stairs. I blushed and ran last night through my mind. I hadn't figured we were that loud. How embarrassing!

I plopped back onto the bed with a heavy sigh.

"Everything alright?" Niall stepped into the room, toweling off his hair.

"If by 'alright' you mean 'humiliated for life by anyone who may have had even the slightest bit of respect for you,' then, yes." I pulled in my legs and rested my head on my knees.

"What do you mean? Was my mom hard on you?" he gave me a fully-clothed hug.

"Not exactly. She just wanted me to know that the next time we decide to have sex, we should be polite and tone it down a bit."

His eyes widened and he flushed pink. "I see what you mean."

"How does a person respond to that? Don't get me wrong I don't regret even a single second of pleasure, but--"

"Pleasure, huh?" he nudged me.

"Oh, please you know you were great." I waved him off.

He laughed and kissed my cheek.

"Maybe next time we'll have to wait until she's gone." he whispered in my ear.

"Or we could always try somewhere else." I poked his nose.

"Ooh, I like it when you're frisky." he lay down and pulled me on top of him. I laughed and kissed his nose.

"You know what, I'm sure you're missing food just as much as I am."

Just then, his stomach growled, tickling my own.

"You have no idea. Want me to bring you something up?"

"If it's not too much to ask, could you take me down there? I don't quite enjoy being so cooped up in one general room." 

"You won't try to get up again will you?"

"I'm not that dumb." I said sarcastically.

He threw me over his shoulder and hauled me down to the first floor.

"This is very romantic." I told him as he moved me to the couch.

"You know me," he said with a wink,"always the charming type."

I laughed and pulled him towards me, giving him a kiss.

"Since I know that you can't have a lot of solid food, I was thinking maybe you and I could sit on the couch, watch movies, and eat ice cream." He grabbed a box of movies for me to flip through. There were sooo many to choose from! I decided to go with some of my favorites from all genres: The Grudge, Van Helsing, Titanic, and much more. He came back into the room with a huge bowl or popcorn, along with two full cartons of ice cream.

"So what movies are we watching?" he asked as he gently put the food on the coffee table, then picking up the movies I chose.

"I chose a bit of everything. You decide what one to watch first." I replied, nervous that he wouldn't approve of what I had.

"Grease?" he asked in a surprised tone.

"Uhm...yeah. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is! It's my favorite movie." he smiled at me.

He inserted the movie and we began our showing. Right from the start, Niall began humming the opening song. I giggled to myself and lay my head down on his shoulder. Grabbing a handful of popcorn, I settled in to the most comforting spot any girl could have.

"Ahh, save me! She's going to steal my soul!" I woke up screaming. Hot tears ran down my face as a cold sweat formed on my forehead. "Shhhh..." Niall whispered in my ear as he stroked my back. I cried into his shoulder as he held me close. "She's not real. It was just a dream." "But it felt so real..." I whimpered. "Well I'm here now, and I'm not going to let her take you." He kissed my cheek. He rocked me back and forth like a small child, and I delighted in the muscle tone of his arms. Once again, I fell asleep. This time, with no nightmares.
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