The Perks of The Hunger Games

For the Fan-fiction crossover competition. When Charlie is reaped into the Hunger Games, he really doesn't expect he is going to win. He's quiet, small, and not the bravest, but definitely the most observant. This is his journey through the games. In the style of Stephen Chbosky.


10. Day Four

Dear Friend,

Today I woke up to the sound of two cannons. Five more to go now.

What I need now is a shower. I smell really bad, and my skin is crusted in dried blood, but I don't think there's a chance I'll get cleaned up until I'm out of here, if I get out of here that is.

I set off early, because I figured I might need to get more supplies or at least move around. I always like to take walks around my neighborhood back home, and I miss being able to do that in safety. 

I walked around the mountain tops, and let my thoughts drift. I hope Sam is watching me right now. I think she will be, I think she will be watching every moment. I think she loves me. I love her. I did since I met her, and never stopped loving her. Even when she went off with Craig, who treated her badly and didn't listen to what she had to say. I always listen to what she says. I love everything she says.

Still lost in my own thoughts, I did not realize what was happening until it was too late. They surrounded me. Two, huge boys, at least eighteen, with their axes and spears.

"Thought you could steal our friend's stuff and get away with it, District Six?" One of them said, nastily. Slowly, I begin backing away from them. They follow me, their weapons raised, and I feel like curling up in a ball and letting them end it. I am just considering doing this, when I slip. I feel myself falling and falling through the air, then land, painfully on my back, the air knocked out of me. I stare up at the mountain to see where they are. They peer over at me, laughing.

"Well he's dead." One of them says, sneering. "Three more to kill, eh?"

I'm not dead, am I? I feel my vision blurring, and my head throbs. I cannot pass out. Someone will come and finish me off. A bear maybe, or a human. Desperately, I try to keep my eyes open, but the edges of my vision are fading and my head rolls back.

A few hours later, my eyes flick open, and the first thing I notice is that it is cold. Extremely cold. Carefully, I sit myself up, and look around. I am in a cave, one I haven't been in before. There is a boy, small and skinny, his blonde hair plastered to his head, asleep next to me. How did I get here?

After a few minutes of debating, I decide to wake the boy up. He has obviously made the decision to rescue me from where I landed, and taken me to his own hiding spot, so he must be OK with me being here. I shake his shoulder, gently at first, but after he doesn't respond, I shake harder. I terrible thought fills my head. Is he dead?

I press my hand to his wrist, and find no pulse. How did I not notice this? I think there is something wrong with my head. I hit it pretty hard.

Quickly, I run out the cave, my body throbbing, and find my way back to my cave. My limbs hurt really badly, and my head. I think I have broken something. I think I am going crazy. I can't even think straight.

I think I am one of the last ones.

I hope Sam is OK, and that no one is laughing at me. I feel so confused.

Love always,



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