team potter vs team hunger

my entry for the crossover comp, plz vote peeps! p.s this is set in an alternate reality where finnick did NOT die (WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANTED RIGHT!) so plz play along xx


2. well come ON

annie's POV

come on.... hurry up....for godsakes! hurry up and call 'cos they take this phone away at midnight and it's quarter to! i don't know who they are but they wrier white coats and my so-called friends say they are helping me. liars. every day they come and do weird stuff that i can never remember. it must do some good though 'cos my heads clearer than it has been in years. no more jumble of emotions and screams, no more shrill tone in the back of my mind all day long...BRIIIIIIING! BRIIIIIIIING! i grab the phone quicker than you can say 'CPR', 'hi?' i stammer and suddenly,'heya annie whatsup!' i can hear finn's voice, crackly from the long distance call and i grin down the receiver 'not much just sitting in white rooms but you young man are very late!'i say imitating my old maths teacher's voice ' sorrrre! katniss got into a bar fight!' he laughs like a kid snitching on something someone else did,'EXUSE ME! A BAR FIGHT! FINNICK ODIOR YOU BETTER NOT HAVE BEEN INVOLVED!!' argh he has to get into trouble whenever i'm not around! 'noo i was not! geez your just like your mam ya know!' poor kid always uses my mam as an example as his mam was killed when he was four ' am not!' 'are to!' we can have arguments like this for hours, it cracks me up! 'omigosh! it's 1 minuet till 12!' 'ok,cool it, i'll see you soon love you!' he says 'love you too,bye!'i smile and the line goes dead, i feel better after talking to Finn but i still end up crying, oh well...


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