team potter vs team hunger

my entry for the crossover comp, plz vote peeps! p.s this is set in an alternate reality where finnick did NOT die (WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANTED RIGHT!) so plz play along xx


1. at a club between two fandoms.

A\N ola my lovely hungerjay pottermanicas! this story is about...well....whay dnt u all guess lol!

katnisses POV

so we were at a club between two countries, me, peeta,finnick and johanna that is, and i was talking to some guy with dark hair and green eyes, harry i think his name was, and this boy harry asked me,'so where abouts are you from?' 'panam.' wheres that when its at home?' he had a sort of capitol accent. 'errr.... its....where north america used to be,i lived in district 12, where the rockies used to be.' 'oh. what d'ya mean you used to?' 'um it kinda was destroyed' 'oh I'm very sorry.' sure he was, standing there with not a care in the world. i took a swig of something that tasted and smelt alcoholic, it was numbing my feelings but at the same time intensifying them. 'sure you are.' i said coldly.

finnicks POV

i turned around from flipping a large golden coin and saw katniss shouting in some boys face. oh goodie, another chance for me to get into trouble for something katniss did. i sideled over as a redheaded boy went up to them and tried to calm them both down. katniss and whoever this guy was where to busy having a shouting match to notice me.typical. 'erm, kat what the hells going on?' 'KEEP OUT OF THISS ALRIGHT FINNICK!' she was obviously very drunk. i tapped the redhead on the shoulder and he turned around, 'hiya mate d'ya know whats going on at all?'he asked 'nope we should get teeshirts' i laughed. he held out his hand for me to shake ' im ron weasly' 'finnick odior, commanly known as irritating' i grinned and ron grinned back. jo sidled over in her purple combat boots and 'WARNING! i have an attitude and in not at all scared to use it!' jumper 'men are pigs.' she muttered ' thank you jo, ill take that as a compliment.' i said with an annoying smile.' shut it odior.' she scowled. 'so whys katniss trying to murder that guy over there?' a preppy girl with brown bushy hair appeared out of nowhere,'as far as i know our friend harry over there said something irritating to your friend, which is normal for him, and it must've been a bit personal cos she is very cross about it!' 'oh well it usually takes a lot to work her up so she must've had good reason.' i say,' yeah either that or there just both totally pissed.' ' most probable.' said the girl, 'I'm hermione granger I'm his girlfriend for some reason , i felt ill. 'um jo im gonna go.' i whispered,'i need to make a phone call' 'yesir' grimaced Jo, before grabbing peeta by the collar and marching him over to katniss. i ran out.


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