Loving you ( Harry Styles)

Ella was just an ordinary girl from a small country, who happened to get a job in London with her best friend for the whole summer. Little did she know, it will change her life for good. When she meets the one and only Harry Styles from a famous boyband One Direction and she gets to know him, she falls in love with him. But everything is more complicated that she thought and her life is never gonna be the same again.


7. She Can Never Find Out

 Chapter 7



Harry's POV:


She was staring at me with her beautiful brown eyes speechless. She was in shock for a while, but then her cheeks turned pink and she shyly smiled at me.

" Sure, I would love to," she said with her soft voice, almost whispering. Suddenly I felt stab of guilt in my stomach. I shouldn't be doing this. It is not right, she is a nice girl and I'm about to break her heart. When our agent asked me to do this, I agreed. I thought that it will hurt no one, because no one will ever now what my intention is. It is quite simple. I have to date a ordinary fan for a while to make people and the press belive that even as famous boy as me can fall in love or be interested in a normal, unknow girl. Many people would think that it's heartless or selfish, but when you look at it from another angle, it's a win win. The fan will be thrilled to spend time with me and my agent will be happy. You see? It's not that bad. At least I thought so. But when I got to know her, everything changed.


It wasn't my intention to knock on the wrong door, I really thought it was Niall's room so I knocked. The minute she showed up in the door I knew she is the one. The one I would date for a while and then we would go live on our lives separate ways. I could imagine spending time with her - she was pretty, she wasn't acting like a obsessed, screaming fan and she had a really nice smile so why not her? And the bonus was that she was actually from another country which is even better to make our plan more credible. But then it all got more complicated. I started to like her. She was generous, she cared about her family and friends so much. She would do anything to make them happy. Her cute appearance even made it worse - she looked tiny and fragile. I wanted to protect her, hold her in my arms so nobody would hurt her. It is really hypocritical, as I was the only one who was hurting her. 


" Awesome," I couldn't help and smile enthusiastically, " so can I have your number? I'm not sure when we'll be done with the signing, so I will text you," I said probably too cheerily as I saw her giggle over my reaction. She agreed and dictated me her number.

" Goodnight," she whispered gently as I was hugging her goodbye. I didn't want to let her go but she giggled and pulled away and then she kissed my cheek and took of to her room. She shot me a last cute smile of hers, before she closed the door. My happiness immediately replaced guilt. I was leading her on. I went back to my room and I probably looked horrible. Louis noticed there was something wrong, so he sat down with me on the couch. 

" You okay Hazza?" he asked me solicitously. I raised my head to see his concern face. He knew exactely what I was doing and so did Niall, Liam and Zayn.

" It's not right Lou," I sighted and hide my face into my arms.

" I know, but she will never know Harry, no one will," he consoled me. Yes, she will never find out. But I will always know that I deceived her, even if I would never see her again. But he's right, I can't think like that. She is amazing and everything, but we could never be together so it doesn't mean anything. I mean,  I just met her, it's not like we're getting married. 

" You're right, thanks mate," I faked smile. I just need to stop thinking about her and everything will be easier.

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