Loving you ( Harry Styles)

Ella was just an ordinary girl from a small country, who happened to get a job in London with her best friend for the whole summer. Little did she know, it will change her life for good. When she meets the one and only Harry Styles from a famous boyband One Direction and she gets to know him, she falls in love with him. But everything is more complicated that she thought and her life is never gonna be the same again.


6. Movie Night

Chapter 6


Me, Harry, Liam and Zyan were on a couch and Niall, Louis and Jane were on the floor in front of us. The boys brought some blankets and me and Harry shared one, which was very comfy.

" What are we watching?" I asked raising my eyebrows at Louis.

" Paranormal activity 4," Louis answered  trying to sound scary. 

" Awesome, we love horror movies, right Ella?" Jane turned at me with a wink and I rememberd us watching Women in black. We were so freakin' scared. I started laughing as I remembered us screaming and running around Jane's flat and Harry looked at me curiously. I smiled and shook my head.


As we were watching, I felt Harry's hand gently touching mine. Everytime I got scared I snuggled to him and he put his arm around my shoulder. It was beautiful, I have never experience that in my life. Sure, I dated a few guys before, but it wasn't like that. Ever. 

But ofcourse, a horror movie can never be that scary when you are watching it with someone like Louis. He was commenting everything in the movie with his amazing sense humor and when there was something scary, he started yelling.

After the movie we were all chatting for a quite while, but the only one who was getting my full attention was Harry.


"Chocolate or Snickers?" I asked him cheerily as we were giving ourselves random questions.

" Hmm....Snickers," he grinned at me and I giggled.

" Cats or dogs?" I continued asking my not really important or smart questions, but I was enjoying it. I wanted to find out as much as I could about him, since I have this short time. He was grinning at me the whole time and I did too.

" Definitely cats," he said enthusiastically and I laughed.

" Now it's my turn," he chuckled and faked evil face like he wanted to ask me some tricky questions.

" Okay, what do you want to know?" I asked suspiciously and narrowed my eyes and he laughed over my reaction.

" What is the most faraway place that you have ever been to?" he grinned at me and I sighed with relief. 

" USA," I answered without thinking.

" Really, where were you staying?" he sounded suprised.

" We were staying in Seattle, but we also visited San Francisco and Las Vegas," I smiled at him as I was describing mine and my sister's trip to USA to visit our aunt. A lot of people would guess it was amazing experience, but it wasn't exactly that amazing. I told him the whole story about how we had to stand our annoying aunt the whole summer, and how desparate we were to go home.

" Wow, was she really that bad?" he gasped when I told him how she didn't even want to buy us breakfast when we were staying at the hotel in Las Vegas, so we had to buy it ourselves. It's a long story that I am not very proud of, after all she is our aunt but the truth is, she really did treat us horribly. 


" You have now idea," I sighed and then I started laughing as I rememberd the awkward moment that happened to me when we were there. He begged me to tell him about it, so I decided to tell him, even though I doubted he would find that funny.

"Well, basically, I was at my aunt's apartament all alone when someone knocked on the door, so I opened it and there were two boys standing. They asked me a few questions and then they asked mi if I belive in god,". Harry started giggling and I knew he knew exactly what I was talking about - you know, the church people who knock on your door and desperately want to talk to you.

" And then," I said dramatically, " I talked to them about god, they read the bible to me, they sang, to me and then I had to say a prayer at loud which I really messed up as I said "bye bye jesus" instead of amen at the end. Oh and I gave them my adress to Czech republic and agreed to come to some church thing they invited me to," I blurted out of myself. I was so embarrassed of that moment, but I have to admit it was quite funny. Well, by the reaction I got from Harry it was probably very funny. He was laughing at me and clapping his hands.

" Why didn't you just say something, like I don't have time or something," He tried to hold his laugh as he croaked at me.

" I couldn't," I said desperately, " they were so pure and polite and they seemed like nice people!" Which was one reason, the second one was the fact that I can't say no. Even if what other people ask me to do is out of my comfort zone. But I didn't want to admit it in front of him. I don't want him to think I'm weak and I am controled by other poeple - which btw is not true, I just struggle with saying no to people, that's all.

We talked about bunch of different stuff, like my cat, his cat, what food is my favourite and so - just everything and nothing. Then I noticed how much late it is.

" Oh my god, it's half past twelve already," I cringed.

"Yeah we should get going, you boys have probably a lot of work tommorow," Jane said as she was yawning, " I mean, today." We giggled and I stood of the couch, trying to stretch my stiff body. I also yawned and I noticed Harry giggle. The boys hugged us as a goodnight, which was really cute. 

" I will walk you," Harry smiled at me and I agreed nodding my head. Me, Harry and Jane were walking towards our room through the corridor. No one said anything, it was absolutely quiet. I turned my head to Harry to see his gorgeous face now in a frown, as he was thinking about something. Jane opened the door, since she was the one holding our key and then she turned to Harry.

" Goodnight Harry," she smiled at him.

" Goodnight," he said as he was hugging her. She then turned to me winking and I couldn't help giggle over her. She took of to our room and left Harry and me standing in the corridor. 

" I have one last question," he asked me mysteriously. My grin dissappeared from my face as I saw that he is being serious. What does he want to know? 

"Yes," my voice sounded weirdly, as I was all nervous. 

"Will you go on a date with me tommorow?" he asked me, staring right into my eyes. My heart stopped.


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