Loving you ( Harry Styles)

Ella was just an ordinary girl from a small country, who happened to get a job in London with her best friend for the whole summer. Little did she know, it will change her life for good. When she meets the one and only Harry Styles from a famous boyband One Direction and she gets to know him, she falls in love with him. But everything is more complicated that she thought and her life is never gonna be the same again.


3. Do You Like Me?


Chapter 3


We were walking through the corridor, me and Harry walked side by side and Jane, Louis and Liam were right in front of us. Jane is very social person, she always know the right thing to say, she makes everyone laugh and everybody loves her. Me, on the other hand, I am very shy around people I don't know, which is quite awkward sometimes. To be more accurate, everytime. Lucky for me Harry was pretty much like Jane, he wasn't shy at all and that was a good thing, it made me feel comfortable around him.

" So you guys are from Czech republic ha?" he asked, in response to our first conversation. He remembered.

"Yeah, we're from a very small town," I smiled at him.  We got to the hotel lobby and I saw the crowd of young girls. Now it all made sence, they are here for the boys. When they saw us they started screaming. The boys started waving and smiling at them. I was walking really fast to get out of there and the reason was simple - their fans were taking pictures of us. I was sure that if I would appear on these pictures with the boys, rumors would start to spread and I really don't want my face all over the internet, especially my not very pretty one. Harry noticed my nervousness and he gave me apologetic smile. 

" I'm sorry, I didn't know there were going to be so much people" he apologized. 

" No, it's not your fault," I said, " this is part of your life, I completly understand." I said with serious face. It's no ones fault, he is famous person and I am glad that people love him and his work.

" I wasn't really sure if you knew who I am the first time we met" he said staring directly to my eyes. I smiled and started blushing, remembering our meeting and me talking with him with wet hair and a towel on.

" Ofcourse I knew who you were, everyone knows. I'm your fan and I love your music, I just had no idea you were in London, and especially at the same hotel so I was really suprised when I saw you" I explained and smiled at him. There was something about him that was special. I can't really say what, but I felt happy around him, like there is no one else but him and me and it doesn't matter what another people think because it felt right. As we were walking, we were both smiling at each other, talking about everything and nothing. He asked about my family, and my life in Czech republic and I asked him about his life and how is it like to be in a boyband.

" You know, I can't imagine how it must feel like to be you," I looked at him with a curious look," I can't imagine so many people thinking about me everyday, watching my every step and worship me." I said. He smiled to himself.

"Yeah, sometimes it's overwhelming but I love what I do and I wouldn't change a thing. But you're right, sometimes it's like I'm in a dream. I still don't understand why they like me, I'm just a normal boy." he replied. He was really humble and sweet and it made me realize something. He really was a normal boy. Yes, he is famous and everyone on this planet know his name, but there is so much more in him, he's nice, he cares about his fans and his family, he's smart and funny. I've never though I would be able to speak with him like to my friend but I did and it was real.

" Well maybe you don't see it, but we do. You are an amazing person and that makes us like you," I said and he smiled at me and raised his eyebrow.

" Do you like me?" he teased me and we both started laughing and is adorable dimples showed again.

"Well, you're not that bad.." I said playfully and he laughed.

"Haha funny," he said and tickled me. He's such a flirt, I thought to myself. 

"C'mon lovebirds, you are slowing us down" Louis shouted, they started laughing and Harry gave louis a grin. They stopped and waited for us. When we got to them I noticed we were standing in front of a nice restaurant. When we were walking towards the door, Harry rushed and opened the door for me and Jane.

"After you ladies," he winked at me. You stop it Harry, you're making me like you even more then I already do, I though to myself as I smiled at him.

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