Loving you ( Harry Styles)

Ella was just an ordinary girl from a small country, who happened to get a job in London with her best friend for the whole summer. Little did she know, it will change her life for good. When she meets the one and only Harry Styles from a famous boyband One Direction and she gets to know him, she falls in love with him. But everything is more complicated that she thought and her life is never gonna be the same again.


1. The Reason

Chapter 1


I was standing in the middle of the airport with my best friend Jane, impatiently waiting to get our suitcases. The journey was horrible, our flight got delayed and we were hungry, annoyed and our bags got lost. The only thing we were excited and happy about was the fact, that we were standing in London Airport. It made everything much bearable. Finally some woman came with our bags with kind look on her face.

„I apologize, there was some problem with your luggages, it got lost in Prague airport“ she said with perfect british accent. I wish I have one like that, not my awkward czech accent.

„That's allright, thank you very much“ I said, and ofcourse my english sounded horrible as always. Whatever. We got our bags and finally went to the lobby to look for a man, who is responsible for us. The reason we are here, in beautiful London is work. Me and Jane found this amazing advert on the internet that british family is looking for someone to clean their house and do all house work such as doing laundry, cooking breakfast and lunch, shopping, and occasionally looking after their children. Originally, the work was just for one person, but we spoke to the family and convinced them to take us both, but with one salary. I think that it's a good deal, me and my best friend get to live in London for the whole summer, we don't have to pay for anything (besides things we want to buy), we just have to work. My parents weren't very happy about it at first, but when they spoke to the family we will be working for, they changed their mind. Missis Hollie was very beautiful women who worked as a doctor and her husband Tom was a lawyer and he spend a lot of time out of London . They were very sweet, and they even paid us half of price for the airport ticket. We got so lucky!

We got out of the baggage claim and we headed up to the lobby to see Tom with our names on a paper, but instead there was standing a tall woman with our names wrote apparently by a very pink shade of lipstick.

„Who is that?“ I whispered to Jane

„ I have no idea, but she is so skinny. Bitch.“ she said, using her amazing kind of humor. I couldn't help laughting. As we were getting closer to her, she suddenly smiled and waved at us.

„Hi girls!“ she yelled with a friendly voice.

„ Hello“ me and Jane responded at the same time.

„ I know, I know you two have no idea who I am,“ she started, „ Im Hollie's friend Lisa.There is a little problem , she, Tom and Kitty went to visit her mum in Holand, and they thought they will be able to come back home on time, but their grandma got really sick, so they decided to stay with her for a day or two. They tried to call you but you were already on a plane. They send me to pick you up and get you to a hotel where you'll be staying until they come home“ she finished her long speach, and smiled at us. We were shocked. What are we going to do? We don't know anyone in here and our parents will freak out when they find out that we are not with them but in some hotel. This is bad, really bad. Jane and I shared worried looks.

„Girls don't be afraid, they will pay for everything and I can tell you, they felt so bad that they decided to pay to both of you for the work, isn't that amazing?“ she yelled enthusiastically.

" Really?" Jane asked by suprise.

" Yes, and they already called your parents." she replied with a little grin, apparently there was something wrong.

" They were mad, weren't they?" I asked,even though I already knew the answer. Ofcourse they were mad. That is just awesome, they will never let me go anywhere again.

" A little bit, but Hollie assured them that you will be taken care of and I also spoke with them, so everyting is all right." I was relived. But still, we will be staying in a hotel all alone.

She helped us with our luggage and then we drove to the hotel. Through the whole way, Lisa was talking about Holly and Tom, her job, shopping and her new Chanel bag. I was really jealous of that because getting a Chanel bag was always my dream. Maybe someday, I thought to myself. As we were driving, I watched everything from the car window. The old buildings, people in stylish clothes, the cars and the big red busses. Everything was like from a movie - beautiful and magical. Soon, we stopped by the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen. It was all covered by windows and made in modern style. This must be so expensive.

“ Do you see that Ella? It's amazing!” Jane whispered.

“ Yeah, and apparently very, very expensive” I replied. She nodded with a grin.

" Lisa, we can't stay here. It must be really expensive, we can't let them to pay that much for us. We don't need that much luxury." I said to Lisa. She gave me a disapproving look.

" No way, you can stay here and you will. This was a part of the plan to let your parents know that you will be all right, we won't put you in some cheap hotel after what happened." She said wilfully. Something told me I can't change her mind, so I let it be. As we were entering the hotel, Lisa was talking about all the advantages of it.

" It is only 500 meter away from the Westminster palace with a view on Big Ben, and also, it has a sushi bar and a nonstop gym, isn't that amazing?"

" Wow, that is awesome!" Jane nodded eagerly. I rolled my eyes. Right, Jane's addiction on working out, I thought to myself. I am not very keen on sport (well actually I can't even do a somersault) and Jane knows it very well. When we got the reception, I noticed something little strange. There were standing a lot of young girls, maybe something about 12 to 15 years old, all chatting and giggling. Lisa went to confirm our reservation and came back to us holding a key.

“ Here you go, It's a 4th floor, room 408. You girls can go to your room and unpack, I have to get going, I'm late for a meeting, but I will get back as soon as I can and then we all can do something fun!" she said really quickly with a obvious haste.

"Oh, I almost forgot," she yelled, " here you have money in case you will be hungry or something, and there is also my phone number to work and my cellphone." she gave us a little pink bag. We thanked her and went to our room.

“Wow, is this really happening?” I said with a surprise and excitement in my voice. Are we gonna stay in this gorgeous, luxury hotel by ourselves?

“ Yeah it's crazy! It's much better than I imagined!" she yelled. I nodded and we both laughed.

Our room was ofcourse absolutely gorgeous.There was a large bed in the middle, a tv, and a luxury bathroom. We jumped on the bed and played a pillow fight until our stomach hurt from the laughter. After that Lisa called to cancel on us because she got stuck in work, but she promised to take us on breakfast tommorow. We decided to go for a little walk to the Westminster palace - it wasn't that far.

Jane took a shower first and then she went to look around the hotel to check out the gym. I was always jealous of her beauty, she doesn't need any make-up at all, she has perfect skin and even more perfect hair. I took a shower after her and then I wrapped myself with towel. I let my wet hair free to dry them and I started doing my makeup while I was listening to my favourite song by Bruno Mars, when someone knocked on the door.

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