Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


7. the truth hurts

Elizabeth leads me to a window where a black owl sits. 

' Bring him in you idiot someone will see ' I snap. 

" Sorry . He's beautiful isn't he Octavian sent him. " She strokes the bird and puts him on the stand next to her bed. 

' How does Octavian know where you are? '. 

" This is a tracker bird if the bird has something of yours it can track you " Lizzy explains and gestures to her hair ribbon around the birds neck. 

' Ok. When was you going to tell me Elizabeth ? '. 

"Well I wasn't ,but he has invited me to a picnic and I want to go but I don't want to go alone. "

' So you want me to be in the fire realm, not with you but close ? '

" Well, yes "

' Well I guess , what the hell be ready by 4 '

" Thank you Sophie , I owe you " she squeals and hugs me.  

' Trust me , I know you owe me '. I walk out the room and go back to my chambers.  


There is a note leaning against a little box and my table. 

Sophie ,
              Thank you I had a lovely time speaking to you today , Malcolm x . 

I open the little box and take out a pair of earrings to match the dress he brought me. 

I walk over to my closet and push back the garment bags to get to my , as Mia calls it "my Secret hidy hole ". 
I had Leah make me a collection of clothing to wear. 
I take out a black strapless knee length dress and my red cloak. 
I put my cloak in my bag and pull on a white full length dress to hide the black, I pin my curls back so they trail down my back and go to find Elizabeth. 

She is waiting for me and dressed pretty much the same. 
' I can see your shoes. ' I smile at her. 

" I can see yours to" she points to my red shoes that I wore last night. 

' We better get going if the guards ask we are looking for rare wild flowers. Got it ' 

" Rare wild flowers got it" she repeats.  




Davids P.O.V


I walk through the halls to the library. Matthew rises as I enter,
"Can I help you your Highness ". 

' Yes I am looking for a book about names and meanings. '

" Any name imparicular? "

' I know its female and the meaning is Wisdom but I need to find the name. '. 

" Of course ". 

Matthew lays out a book on the table with the title.“The big book of names”. He flicks throw muttering top himself,
"W... w... w... w... w... w , aw here it is." 

"Wisdom , Names Athena , Dara , Hope , Sofia , Sonia and  Sophie ". 

' Thank you Matthew you have been a big help '. 

I walk out of the library and go to the gardens. 


" Bored your highness " a voice comes from the trees. 

' Not anymore Angel ' she walks over to where I stand. ' why are you here ?'. 
" To see you ". 

' Well that's brilliant. ' I take her hand and run inside.  

" Where are we going? " She giggles. 

' To the playroom and to get you out of sight '. 

The playroom is the second biggest room in the castle and has a swimming pool and other thing from around the fire realm. I lead her to the corner of the room where there is a sand pit. 

"Wow what is that ? " Her words are a coo. 

' this is sand ' I tell her , I reach down and pick up a handful and let it run throw my finger tips. 

"Its beautiful " she says. 

' Its just sand. Don't you have it in the' I stop and  lower my voice ' the ice realm '. 

" No we have something similar but it falls from the sky its called snow , its like thousands of little crystals everywhere ". 

' would that not mean your houses would get covered in snow? '

"Yes but we celebrate the snow. Or in other words its just an excuse to get are fur coats out " she smiles up at me. 
' You will have to bring me to the ice realm'. 


" Me to " comes a voice from the door , we both jump and my Angel hides behind me I put out my arms to protect her. 
" Its ok Honey its just  me " my mother walks towards us,
" my names Larissa , its very nice to meet you Angle " my mother moves so she can see my Angel. 
"Now don't go shy on me I know your a delicate creature but I know you can speak ". 

My Angel peeks out from behind me, "you was right Davis her hair is like the sun". 
She smiles at Angel " hello " my mother says again.

" Hello" My angel says her voice is very low as if she's worried, scared, I don't know.  
" Are you going to kill me ?" I turn to look at my Angel. 

" Are you going to kill me? " My mother repeats her question.  


"Then I'm not going to kill you . I don't believe in hurting someone if they have not hurt me ". My mother goes to touch Angel but stops when Angel huddles closer to me, closes her eyes and starts shaking in fear . 
" Its ok I won't hurt you I promise ". Angel opens her eyes but makes no move to move away from me. 

There is footprints from the corridor, my mother whirls and helps hides Angel from view. 

"Aww there you are David, princess Demi wanted to know if you want to get married sooner or later ". 

' Later defiantly later , I still don't know if she is wife material I might meet a few other princess before I decide on Demi '. I snap , Rene storms out of the playroom slamming the door on the way out. 

" That was close " my mother says and to my surprise Angel giggles. 

"I'm sorry I'm causing trouble " Angel says to my mother. 

"Not at all , but I would like to know why your here ?" My mother asks and Angel shrugs and I notice around her neck is a chain with the letter S. 

' I would like to know that to Sophie ' I try a name I found in my book and she gasps. ' So that is your name Sophie , Princess or Lady Sophie ?'

My mother gasps, " I know who you are you are Princess Sophie Rose of Ice, the princess of all princesses". 
Angel looks down and blushes with embarrassment , she slowly nods. "what are you doing here Princess ?"






Sophies P.O.V


" What are you doing here Princess? " Davids mother asks me. 

I sigh,  ' maybe the same reason David keeps turning down possible wives. I do not want to marry him but I have to its my duty to my kingdom and if I do not ' a tear runs down my cheek as I remember the punishment. ' I will be forced to have a child and then killed in front of the whole kingdom '. 

David wipes the tear away with his thumb, " you mean they will rape you?" He asks and I nod, he makes a noise of disgust in the back of his throat. 

" You poor thing " David's mother wraps her arms around me and I weep into her shoulder. 

' I don't want to ' I weep. 

" You don't have to go back you can stay here with us no one will know your a princess , you won't have duties , you won't have to marry , you can be free. " Larissa tells me. 

' I would love to stay but I have to take Lizzy back home and if I do leave they will torture Mia to tell them '. 

" Lizzy , Mia? " David asks. 

' Lizzys my royal friend shes with prince Octavian in the woods and Mia she is at home she is my maid but she is my best friend so she is treated as a lady ' I smile at him.  

" I want you to stay with me and never leave " david looks down at his shoes "I love you " I and Larissa both gasp and I blush . 

' You cannot mean that I'm just a cold one ' I smile using the term Mia gave me. 

" But you have a warm heart " David reaches over and places his hand over my heart. 

" I understand now " Larissa says "David you refuse all the women because you are already in love and Sophie you love him to but you're scare to admit it. Am I right? "
I nod and david kisses my cheek. 

" Who's  your Prince? " David asks. 

' Prince Malcolm of Shimmer. I hate him ' david laughs as I roll my eyes. 

"Where do your guards think you are?" Davids mother asks. 

' Out picking rare wild flowers '. I smile warmly at her. 

" Please take me with you I really want to visit the Ice realm ". 

' I would be honoured to take you David because people don't know you but , you Highness, Larissa I cannot take you.  You are to well known I will be executed for my betrayal , I hope you understand. ' I smile at her. 

" I completely understand but David I give you permission to go but not dressed in that. I know the ice realm only dress in certain colours.  Am I right Sophie". 

' Yes, we are fond of the colour silver, blue , white, pastel colours and a lot of glitter ,but only the royal family my wear white and silver. ' 

" You suggest I have a suit made " David raises an eyebrow. 

' I will have that done for you '

"  Seriously you will walk into a tailors and say I want a suit for a guy that's around 6ft and extremely handsome. Suspicious much " David winks at me. 

' One we are not suspicious we treat each other as family(most of the time ) and my tailor is Elizabeths sister and she makes all my dresses and is a good loyal friend of mine '

" Ok"

' Ow David I was meaning to talk to you about Elizabeth she got an invite by a bird this morning , Elizabeth called it a tracker bird I was wondering how it got through the boundary only royals and people with magic can cross I don't quite understand '. 

Davids mother answers my question to my suprise , I note Larissa is tall with dark chocolate hair and eyes and dressed in a long red dress like the one I pulled over my short black dress. 
" Tracker birds have there own magic , I know all the villigers of the ice realm had there powers took of them and used to make the boundary in war but with you passing through its getting weaker". 

' Wait what do you mean powers took of them I don't understand royals  are born with magic and norms are born without only royals have magic. It has been that way for centuries my father said, he said we was in charge because we are gifted.  '

" No my dear child once long ago everyone was born with magic. Your father Izac wanted power and he had extraordinary gifts Prince wasn't a good enough title for him so he went around every night and took the villagers magic essence and used the to build the boundary to stop us from stopping him. We was very upset with what he had done but upsetting the balance of equality and the villagers and we raised war on him but we couldn't get though his boundary it was so strong. " She stops as she realises the tears streaming down my face. 
" Im sorry I shouldn't of told you the truth". 

' It is ok its better I know that live a lie' I attempt to wipe away my tears ' I don't understand why he lied and never told me '. 

" I do not recommend you asking him he will be curious of how you know and might suspect that you have visited". 

' Can I ask you something Larissa , do I deserve to be queen '

" Well, yes "

' Then I would like you to know when I am queen I am going to rip down that boundary line and kill the king '.

" Do you have it in you to kill another". 

' Yes '.  
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