Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


6. the morning after


wake up in bed I'm in my blue satin nightgown but somethings wrong. 
My hair I examine the brown that's still in my hair. 

'Mia ,Mia' I call. 

"Here Sophie ". 

' You need to help me Malcolm will be here any minute and I'm still brunette '

Mia runs in takes my hand as we run to the bathroom. 
She leans my head over the sink and starts pouring jugs of water over my hair. 
"It looks almost nearly out I will just shampoo and condition it to give it is shine back. " Mia smiles at me she rubs the foamy lather into my hair and rinses it out. " Its all gone she announces to me , now come we need to get you dressed " 
I walk into my closet and there is a white box with a blue bow on the floor. 
I read the note ,

To my beautiful Sophie , I saw this and though of you , Malcolm x

I open the box ,
' Wow ' I sigh. 
I take out a ice blue gown with crystals sown onto the corset. Also there is a book with another note. 

Sophie, this is one of my favourite books I hope you read it x. 

I read the title , The girl and the crystal flame.  I put it on my bed. 

I take the dress out of the box. 
' Can you help me? ' I ask Mia 

" Sure Sophie its my job " Mia says and helps me into the dress. She laces up the back of the dress and bows it. "This dress is beautiful, who is it from?"

'Malcolm' I smile at her. 

"Malcolm brought this for you?"

' Yeah , hes changed in the last few days '

"Really?" Mia says in a sarcastic voice. "Wow, must of fell of his horse and hit his head". 

I put on the same necklace I wore last night. 
' Where's Lizzy? '


' So , who was he?? '

"Who ?"

'That guy at the ball '

"His name was Tyler, he was a brilliant dancer. What about the prince what was he like? "

I jump on my bed,
' David hes smart, kind, funny, brilliant dancer and he is absolutely gorgeous ' I think I blush. 

"Omg you have a crush on him " Mia teases. 

' Yes I think I do. ' I sigh. 






Davids P.O.V

I wake up to the sunlight in my face I'm still in my red suit so I must of passed out. 
I sigh. 

'Angel' I mutter out loud. 

" So that's her name " came a voice from the door. My mother walks over to me. " She is very beautiful "

'Angel isn't her name she wouldn't tell me , I just call her Angel because she looks like one '. I sigh.

"Ok did she give you a clue to her name? " My mother asks. 

' She said her name means Wisdom and then she left ' I smile as I remember her float out of the garden'. 

"Well you better get looking through books there's a lot of names that mean Wisdom, will she becoming to visit again? Because I would like to meet her personally".  

'I don't know she's like a free spirit she does as she wants she comes and goes as she please. But I know she isn't from around here ' I smile at my mother. 

Mother sighs, " David I'm not an idiot I know what she is. A creature of such beauty and elegance like a snowflake on a winter morning " I gasp as I look up at my mother. "I know she is an Ice David, do you not think I would of guessed. How did you meet her "

' She came to the village one night the villagers were having some type of street party. I saw her watching from the trees so I danced over and pulled her into the dance, I knew she was different her hair was as golden as the sun her eyes as deep as the sea and skin as pale as a sheet. ' I sigh ' it wasn't till I touched her skin that I realised what she was, her skin was cold not like us . I scared her away and she ran through the trees to the boundary line. I thought I would never see her again but I couldn't stop thinking about her. '.  My mother is silent as I tell my story. 

" I want to meet her. She sounds wonderful and she is a divine dancer"


"Yes David"

'Do you think its strange that I treasure a ribbon she wore in her hair?'

"Not at all when I first met your father I treasured his dagger because it reminded me of him" she smiles and walks out of my room. I sigh and take the ribbon from under my pillow I take in the intoxicating sent and go back to dreaming about my Angel. 






Sophies P.O.V


There is a small knock at the door,
' Come in ' I call and put down the book Malcolm gave me. 

The door handel turns and Malcolm walk slowly in. 
" Princess Sophie, I was, I was wondering if you would like to come on a walk with me through the gardens to walk the dogs" he smiles at me. 

'Sure '. I stand up and fetch my cloak. 

"That dress looks as beautiful on you as I imagined" Malcolm commented. 

' Yes its beautiful thank you , I did send you a note ' I smile at him. 

" I know " I smiles back at me. he reaches for my hand and holds it stroking my pale skin with his thumb he kisses my palm but doesn't release my hand, I think I feel my cheeks heat as I look down to the floor. 

He leads me out of my room and through the long quiet corridors. 

' What type of dogs do you have? ' I ask. 

" Collies , there my favourite " he smiles at me. 

'My friends Elizabeth and Leah have a collie his names Wren he lives in the castle , we might see him around ' and as if on cue Wren walks out of Lizzy's room and stands in front of he.  

"Woof" he barks , his eyes send little shimmers onto my face I lean down and pat him on the head.

" Wow" Malcolm says " his eyes are absolutely beautiful, so blue there almost white " Malcolm strokes Wrens patchy fur. " Do you want to come for a walk boy? ". 

Wren woofs and follows at the side of Malcolm. 
' I think he likes you ' I comment. 

"He's a good dog" Malcolm says patting Wren with his free hand. 

' You do know he's not a dog he's a shifter, he can turn into birds dogs and cats '

"Smart boy". 

Wren gives a triumphant woof and give a grin and a wag of his tail. 

Two puppies come running down the corridor. 
"Buzz, pippa her puppies " the little dogs come and sit at there masters feet. 

' Aww they are so cute ' I lean down and pick one of the little puppies. ' There beautiful ' I say to Malcolm. 

Malcolm picks up the other puppy and stands very close to me so he is curved into my waist to stroke the other puppy, I notice he is wearing the watch I gave him. 

'You liked my gift' I smile at him. 

" You liked mine " he gesture to my dress.  

'Thank you again for the dress and the book '. 

" Thank you for the watch and giving me a chance " he looks into my eyes then leans down and kisses my cheek. 
He looks into my eyes to seek my reaction ," I'm sorry I-" he can't finish his sentence he blushes and looks down. 

' Its fine ' I look at the floor and there is that awkward silence.  

" I like you " Malcolm says. I look up at him, " I think your beautiful. I like your eyes ". He smiles at me, " there the most beautiful blue ".  





Malcolm's P.O.V

' I like you ' I say. She looks up me, ' I think your beautiful. I like your eyes '.I smile at her, ' there the most beautiful blue ' why can't I stop talking I think to myself. 

I watch as she blushes and looks to the floor. She looks up and smiles , I reach up and tuck a lose strand of her hair behind her hair. 

' Sorry ' I look at the floor but don't move away. 

" I don't mind as long as you're not shouting at me "

' Why would I do that ' I ask innocently. 

" Hmm... Let me think . You're being forced to marry me of course you have to be slightly mad at me. " She smiles. 

' Yes , but I'm glad its you I'm being forced to marry, you understand me ' I smile back at her. 

" At first I really hated you ". 

' I'm not surprised I was a arse '. 

"Arse" she tested the word. 

'Yes arse '. Her words are so innocent like she had never heard the word before. 

'Sophie ' someone screech from the hall. 

Elizabeth runs down the halls. 
She turns to look at me,

"Ow hey arsehole " she smiles and grabs Sophies hand and drags her away. 

I watch in amusement as Sophie is dragged away. 

She turns around and blows me a kiss to my surprise , I reach up and catch it as she leaves.  

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