Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


3. Red As Wine

After I give Malcolm his present a watch with blue crystals. I and Mia go to check on are dresses after Leah sent celeb her owl to deliver her letter last night.

Dear princess Sophie ,
I would like to inform you your dresses are ready.
Yours sincerely Miss Leah Lou.

I look in the mirror at the dress Leah has made. The deep wine red tulle skirt fans out around my waist .The skirt matches my corset, The corset is decorated with  hundreds of diamonds all mover. I look like iv stepped out of a fairytale book. I love it.
I'm waiting for Mia , she's getting her dress on I can hear gasps and whines from behind the garden.

I lift my skirt to admire the shoes like my corset there covered in diamonds with red bows on. I wonder if I have a necklace to match this dress.

My thoughts are interrupted by Mia.
Her black dress clings to her curves for a serving girl she scrubs up well.
Her dress is not strapless like mine but it has one sleeve that is decorated in a tiger pattern. Her shoes are the same as mine but the bows are red are black.

"Ow Sophie ," she says as she hugs me. I pat her back. " How can I repay you "

' Just don't tell anyone honey ' when she pulled away I wiped her tear of her cheek. 

Davids P.o.v

I watch the women take out miles of red satin and hung it to the ceiling. 
Red satin , my mind drifts to the red satin ribbon on the angels corset. How the red suited her red lips.
I begin to wonder, no! Hope she comes to the ball tomorrow tonight. I think about those soft red lips and wonder how they would feel to run my fingers over and how they will feel to kiss.

" Sir , sir , sir " wren is clicking his fingers to get my attention , " are you ok ".

I realise my lips are set in a kissie lips my eyes are narrowed . Jeez I have to stop fantasising about her around the castle but I can everything I see reminds me of her.
His eyes, a starry midnight. The blue dark and deep, with crystal shards like stars.
Her hair a  golden fire burning brighter than the sun on a midsummers day.
I sigh.

' Wren?' I ask.

"Sir, the tailor is here to fit your suit " Wren informed me.

I shake hands with Marcus my tailor.
"Your majesty " Marcus bows and I gesture for him to rise. " You look as exquisite as ever. "

After fifteen minuets of measuring I am asked to chose material.
I flick through the pile of black fabrics , My favourite colour , and realise everyone will be in black to try and impress me.

' Marcus have you got any other colours like red? ' I ask.

" Yes sir , of course sir " he hands me a little pile of red fabrics.

I look through and only one stands out to me.
Its a deep wine red fabric with twists of silver and studded diamonds.

' This one ' I say to Marcus.

"Sir this is a rare piece the silvers and diamonds come from the ice realm it will cost mire than twice as much " Marcus whispers. 

' I know , I know  clear diamonds are rare here and I'm willing to pay a heavy price for them but I want this fabric and only this one Marcus ' I whisper back aware of the guards by the door.

Marcus bows,
"If that is all you request your majesty I should be going to em... " He trails of looking at the guards who have there backs to them. He holds up the fabric in explanation.

' Of course Marcus . And how many times have I told you its david my old friend ' I pat his back and he smiles at me and walks out the doors.

Mia's P.o.v

I gaze at the woman in the mirror and gazes back. I don't recognise her at all.
I reach up to stroke her long brown her and she copies my action.
Her gleaming brown eyes are wide with excitement. I stroke the soft satin of my night gown , well Sophie's night gown.

Soft warm fur rubs against my bare feet. I scoop up Louie , Sophie's cat up of the floor and walk over to my bed that Sophie had ordered. 
She said it was for Malcolm so they were comfortable to sleep in the same room together.

I slip between the soft fluffy mattress and quilt, I lie my head down on the fluffy pillow.  Louie curls up beside me and purs quietly to himself. 

I close my eyes dreaming of dancing, icy waters and scalding flames.

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