Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


2. Fire

Davids p.o.v

I had to make her leave I just can't stop thinking about her. Her blonde hair , her eyes like jewels in the midnight sky.
She was the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on and I made her leave I blame it on the whole mortal enemy thing but it was just me being an ass .
I wish I knew her name.
I walked to the palace library ,
" Can I help you with something prince david" Matthew the royal librarian asked from his desk in the corner he raised as I entered but that's just plain self respect.
' Yes I wanted to know if we have any books about the villagers in the ice realm '
" Yes your highness they will be in the restricted area here is they key " he bowed and handed me the key.
I walked over to the back and opened the door.
My fingers traced the backs of books,
Earth , wind ,water , fire and ice.
The ice book was blue with a satin book mark. I opened the pages, there was sketches of family after family. The pictures were not coloured but it was easy to remember pale skin and the face of a monster. But my angle didn't she was no monster she looked like a damsel in distress. That brought up questions . Why was she here ? What was so special about her that let her cross the boundary line? And why the hell I found an outsider absolutely irresistible? .

Sophies p.o.v

I ran through the forest through the boundary line and into the palace gardens were I hid a gown in the tree. I wouldn't have to explain why I was dressed as a villager. I got dressed and ran into my room. I jumped on the bed and brushed my hair. It was covered in leaves and dirt from the forest. I sat down to let my mind think about the stranger I danced with. I thought of questions in my head. Who Was he ? Why did he shout at me ? And why can't stop I thinking about him? .

Iv always been told people in the fire realm are monsters that worship the devil. But this man I saw could not be a monster he was beautiful. I wouldn't forget us dancing to the forest my head rested on his shoulder. He was irresistible.
There was a knock at the door,
' Come in ' my voice was weak with lack of sleep.
My lady servant Mia came in with a tray of food. I looked at the tray , Mia bowed and started heading to the door.

' Were do you think your going ' I said my voice was gentle , Mia looked up at me .
' Please sit ' I said gesturing to a chair at my desk.
Mia sat not speaking.
I took a piece of bread of the tray for my self and placed the tray in front Of her.
" Your majesty I " Mia stuttered, I broke her of and smiled.
' Please help your self ' I said. Mia smiled and started to nibble on ham and eggs.
' Mia ' I asked. She stopped to stare at me.
" Yes my lady " she answered.
' What do you know of the villagers in the fire realm ' I asked.

She stared at me for a moment.
" The people of the fire realm are not what you think. They are not monsters they are just people like you and I. When the boundary line was put up during the war the rumours started about the people of the fire realm and so on there realm they had rumours of us. they call us cold ones " she laughed.
' Cold ones like vampires ' I giggled.
" Yeah there prince makes up so strange rumours but if I way speak out of term he is absolutely gorgeous " she laughed.
' Let's see a picture' I said as she opened the book.

There he was his curly brown hair his beautiful eyes. It was the man I fell for in the square last night. It was defiantly him it was a face you couldn't forget.
I gasped ,
' Omg ' I muttered
" Are you ok my lady " Mia asked.
' Mia if I tell you something would you keep it a secret '
" Of course my lady " Mia said.
I bit my lip and sighed.

' I met him , we danced ' I smiled at the memory.
" You crossed the other side " she hisses." My lady a act like that results in death ".
' You promised not to tell Mia ' I hiss back.
" I won't I just ask well , if you do go back take me with you. ".
' Of course I was planning to go this saturday they are hosting a ball for the princes birthday you want to come'
" Yes but I have nothing to wear, nor do you "
' We could get Leah to make us dresses' I say. ' I will pay for yours.'
" My lady I don't know what to say "
' Mia its Sophie how many times '. I laugh ' we will go at dark ' I smile at her. ' Mia come here '.
Mia walks over to me.
' Can I brush your hair ' I ask.
" Um of course " she says I fit down and she sits on the floor at my feet I grab my pillow and pass it to her.
I take my brush and comb it through her hair.
' My mother used to do this to me ' she mutters mostly to her self.

I brush Mia's hair in till it is perfectly straight with no knots.
I twist it up into a tight bun.
' If they ask your Lady Mia of Heat ' I giggle.
" And you ?" Mia asks.
' Princess Sophie of Flames ' I say. I stand and fetch Mia one of my dresses. ' Her put this on. ' I hand her a satin blue gown. ' Your my royal best friend at the moment.' I smile at Mia.
She slips behind the screen. She comes out and stands in front of the mirror trying to do the corset up her self.
' Need a hand ' I offer as I walk over and take the ribbon and thread it though the holes.
" Iv never worn one before "Mia says.
' Don't worry I wont do it to tight then' when I finish I ask Mia if it feels ok, she nods. ' Straight and tall ' I order while giggling.

We ride on horses to the royal dress maker.
" Princess " Leah bows.
' Get up Lee Lee and how many times have I tould you its Sophie ' I use Leahs nickname. She smiles at me ,
" How can I help you ladys "
' Leah you know that Ball gown you made me for my birthday , I want the same but in Red and I would like another Gown in Black for My Friend here. ' I gesture to Mia.
" Red my lady , may I ask why?" Leah looks up at me.
' Leah I will give you 1 spell if you promise not to ask questions and not tell anyone of my purchases and I need them for Saturday night'.
" Of course Sophie "

Leah gets to work on the dresses, she takes mine and Mias measurements.
" Anything you would like to request?" Leah ask Mia.
" No I have faith that it would look good no matter what. " Mia smiles.
Mia and I leave the shop.
I let Mia sleep in my chambers.

I wake in the morning I decide to lay but I'm forgetting something.
Just then Malcolm burst thorough the doors.
" Sophie, its my birthday what have you got me " Malcolm hisses.
' Get out of my room now ! ' I scream.
The noise has the guards in the room and Malcolm is surrounded with guards with swords. ' You can have your present later I'm not feeling well and am going back to sleep. now get out!'
The guards march him out Jo winks at me as I close the door.
My god can Malcolm get any more unbearable , coming in her and demanding presents. Like hello this isn't event your castle its mine.
I sigh and drift back of into a troubled sleep.
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