Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


4. dinner?

I wake up early the next morning. 
'Mia?' I ask. 
I sit up and she smiles at me. 
She's brushing through louie's fluffy white mane  on the balcony. 
"Can I get you anything pri-" she brakes of and gives a shy smile "err..Sophie?". 

' No thank you Mia, I think its my turn to get you something from the kitchen' I smile at her pull on a dress and turn to brush my hair. 
My hair hangs to my knees now iv had it cut, Madame louisa didn't agree she thought it was unlady like to cut it. 
Malcolm didn't like it either he said I look like a norm. What an arse. 

I head left out of the door. 
"Emm... Princess " Mia called. 

' I know ' I say turning around to walk the other way I smile as I go past Mia. I reach the kitchen and pick up two trays smiling at ben as I go past .  

I put the trays on the table,
'Mia?'I call

"Over here " she calls back. 

'Ow there you are, breakfasts on the table eat up you have a long night ahead of you' I stop 'Mia?'

"Yes Sophie"

'Can you dance?'

"Yes we were taught by madame Louisa too"

'That must of been dreadful'

"Well she's not the nicest of people " Mia grinns and goes to eat her breakfast. 

After breakfast Mia absolutely insists on taking the trays back. 

'What!' I shout back as Malcolm comes into my room. 

" I wanted to let you know that its your birthday in 21  days and I'm getting you a new maid " he picks up my necklace and puts it down. 

'I don't want a new maid I'm fine with Mia '

"Well I don't like her"

'Well I do so leave her alone , if you buy me a new maid I will just set her free so you better get me something else'. 

"Well ok but you have to come to dinner with me now then "

'I just had breakfast'

"Well I want you in my chambers in an hour and I want you to wear that dress that hangs on your hips"

'Whatever get out'

"Goodbye Honey ". He says and walks out of the door. 

'What the hell ' I mutter to myself when I'm alone. 

" I thought the same" came a timid voice from behind the curtain " Elizabeth steps out from behind the curtain. " And I'm coming with you to the fire ball tonight I have a dress made up already and if you don't let me I'm going to tell on you "
She smiles and starts laughing. 

'Well I can have that now' I giggle and hug my bestfriend. 

'How did you find out ?'

"wren told me about the dresses and he's been spying on you ever since". Just then Wren came out from under the table. His beautiful blue eyes reflected like mirror. 

'You silly shape shifter I rub his head and he barks at me'. 

"Be here by 6 and have a horse ". 
I sigh and go to my closet to find my dress as Mia walks in. 

" You must be Mia" Elizabeth says walking over to Mia " don't worry I'm coming tonight to were going to be great friends" she throws her arms around Mia and kisses her cheek. Mia looked at me she looked kinda awkward hoping from one foot to the other. 

I check my watch. 
'Oww crackers I have to go I'm going to be late for dinner with Malcolm ' I sprint out of the doors and through the halls. 

I slow at Malcolm's chambers and decide to just walk right in like he does with me. 

I am stunned. The room is lit with Candles and there are white roses and lilys everywhere. There my favourite flowers. 

'Wow' my words are a coo. 

"You like it?'

'Its beautiful'

"I thought we got of on the wrong foot and I think we should get to know each other better. I know you don't really like me much the  maids say you think I'm rude and arrogant "

'People talk?'

"Yeah" he smiles. Now this is rare very rare for Malcolm he hardly ever smiles. 

He takes me over to the table and holds out my chair for me. 

'Why the change of heart? '

"I wanted you to like me after all we are getting married ". 

'How did you know what my favourite flowers were? '

"I asked you maid she was very, very rude she asked me why it concerned me and why I wanted to know" 

'That's Mia and Malcolm I mean it leave her alone to you she's just a maid but to me she's a friend and one of the only ones iv got. '

"Ok I understand I don't have many friends either " he smiles again. 

'I thought you didn't like me '

"Sophie, iv always liked you , your personality yes. But  your attitude not as much "

' I don't like your attitude either ' 

"Ok that's your opinion "

I smile at him. 
Is this a whole new Malcolm I think to myself.  or is he just playing me into some joke of his. 

I talk to Malcolm through dinner , he wanted to know my interest , hobbies and what I do when I'm bored. 
So I tell him I tell him about my passion for poetry , horses and reading.  I ask him about his interests and he tells me about his love for poetry, reading and his dogs. 
I thank him for a wonderful evening and return to my room. 

Mia and Elizabeth are painting there nails in clear glitter nail varnish. 
I decide to start doing are hair for tonight. 

I brush through Elizabeth's frizzy waves and decide to but it up into a doughnut bun with a red ribbon. 
I do Mia's hair similar leaving it down and plaiting a crown into her curls. 

I wonder what to do with my hair then decide to do it plaited to the side with the diamond and red ribbon leah let me have.  I find my diamond tiara and necklace and lend Mia a black chain with a red gem Malcolm brought me .  

Mia helps Elizabeth into her dress and  I give her my long ice blue cloak to cover her black dress. 

He get the horse and head to Leah's
Shop. I take Ebony instead of snowball , Ebony is my favourite black horse.  

Are ride to Leahs is short. 
I knock three times and she opens,
Wren is in the corner in his owl form. 

'Hey boy ' I say smiling at him. 

"Here they are Leah says taking out two dress bags. 

She dresses Mia first then me. 
" I thought you would need these too" Leah gives me three cloaks two black and one red. 
" Bye sis" Elizabeth hugs Leah on her way out. 

I pull the cloak tighter around me as we head through the forest
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