Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


5. dance with me


I can see the lights of the castle up ahead. 
"Wow " Mia sighs. 

' Its pretty isn't it '

" Its beautiful ". 

I see a man at the gate of the castle asking for invites. 

" Ow no we need invites " Elizabeth whines. 

' I think I can help with that girls ' 

I swirl my hand in a small circle and present three invites and give them to each of them. 

I listen to there names being announced.
Lady Ebony, Lady Mia , princess Freyia. 

' Girls were going to need to completely change are names. '

" I m having Lady Lizzy " Elizabeth says. 

" Then I'm Lady Flora " Mia says. 

' Then I will be princess Katherine ' I smile at them and we ride up to the gates. I tell him are names and the escort comes and takes are horses. We walk up the stairs and through the wooden doors. 
A woman at the door offers takes are coats Mia and Elizabeth go first revealing there black gowns.

I sigh and pull the ribbon of my cloak and push it of my shoulders. 
I watch as men coming over to the stair rail to escort me. 
I note everyone has black and brown hair and I'm thankful for Leah lending me brown temporary hair die. 

I glide down the stairs and watch as a tall man in red suit comes over. The other men leave as he stands at the stair rail and I look up to his face and I'm stunned. 
Omg its him its the prince. 
I stand in front of him and bow and I'm surprised to see him bow back. 

"Princess" he says the whispers in my ear "angel". 
I gasp and blush. 







Davids P.o.v


I walk around all the girls are dressed in black and flutter their eyelashes at me. 
I look up to see three cloaked women at the top of the stairs, two take there cloaks of one is pale and the other is a creamy olive. And there's another in the back behind there. I watch as I see a cloud of red, pale skin and diamonds, and I know its her my angle although she looks different I know its her. 
I walk over to the stair rail and I meet her gaze, I gasped as i looked up into eyes as blue as sapphires.
She really is as beautiful as I remember. 

I watch as she drops into a courtesy and I bow. 
' Princess" I greet her and the lean towards her and whisper 'Angel '. 
She blushes and looks down. 

" Your majesty" she smiles at me. 

'Dance with me' I ask. 

" I do not know your dances or traditions here " she says her voice singing through my ears. 

'Do you know the dance of the realms Angel?' I ask. 

" Yes your majesty " she blushes and I feel my cheeks warm. 

'Then you have no reason not to dance with me' she smiles and I take hand leading her into the centre of the dance floor. 

The music starts and we glide across the floor. I dip her and swirl her and swing her and she keeps up with my every move. 
' Your a divine dancer ' I whisper in her ear at a dip. 

"I could say the same for you " she whispers back. 

I hear the change in the music changing from fire to wind to ice. 
The elegant ballet music feels the room. 
She let's go of my hand and goes to her tiptoes. She sways to the beat like a swan performing pirouettes ,fouettes and a stunning grand jete. 
She leaps and I catch her in mid air as the music changed to water. 
I am aware that everyone has stopped dancing to watch us. 

The end of the pieces comes and I dip her low. I look to her eyes then lips so she knows my intention and I lean down and kiss her very softly as if she were fragile. 
When I look up into her eyes the music has ended and everyone starts clapping and applauding us. 
I wrap my arm around her waist scooping her up in my arm and carry her towards the gardens. 






Elizabeth's P.O.V


I take a deep breath and walk down the stairs there are four men arguing about me , yes arguing about me. 
I reach  
The end of the stair rail and all four bow to me. 
A young man takes my hand,
"If you are not a princess from a fairytale than I must be in heaven" he kisses my hand and I blush.

' You are to kind sir ' I whisper. 

" The names octavian beautiful, what's your name?"

' Lady Lizzy' I blush. 

"Well Lizzy dance with me?"

'Sure but I'm not sure how to'

"Its ok just follow me" I take his hand and he leads me onto the dance floor. 
The dance of the realms starts and we glide to the earth verse. Luckily I know this dance and can match is steps better than him. 
The music changes to fire and I follow his steps. 
Then the next verse is Ice , I notice everyone has started to clear from the centre to watch a couple. 
I watch as Sophie dips and twirl to the music of the flute, I watch as she leaps and he catches her then dips her low at the end of the piece. 
I watch as he leans down and kisses her. 
Octavian  wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. 

"Come "he whispers in my ear and takes my hand leading me to the garden the same way Sophie and the prince went. 

When were out side octavian pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me, My lips, my cheek , my neck. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist.   

" You are Aphrodite woman " he growls in my ear. 

"Elizabeth" a voice calls me " come on we have to go now "Sophie emerges from the trees. 

I jump down and pull away from octavian. 
He gives me a quick kiss and let's me go. 

Sophie take my hand and drags me away. 

" We need to find Mia " she says as we enter the castle


Sophies P.o.v

He sets me on a bench hidden behind the trees and bushes. Out of sight and earshot. 

' Angel? You know that's not my name right? ' I ask in a low whisper. 

" That's why I brought you out here I want to continue and apologise " he sighs. " I'm sorry for my rudeness last time we met , I'm sorry I scared you away and I wanted you to know I haven't stopped thinking about you since that moment. Everything reminds me of you. " He confesses. He looks up waiting for my reply. 

I blot into him the force makes him fall back onto his elbows I push my lips to his with as much force as possible.  He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. My hands lock in his hair and his other hand moves down my back sending delicious shivers down my spin. 
I pull away gasping for breath and kiss him again quickly. 

' I think we left the conversation of at Rose ' I gasp between breaths. 

" Are you an actual princess? " 

'Maybe ' I shrug.

"Iv been looking for you in books but I can't find you "

' Have you now ' I smile at him and move away from him he wraps his arm around me and pulls me back to him. 

" Can I continue guessing now "

' Yes'

" Elizabeth ? " 

' No but that's one of my friends name'

"Jessica?" She shakes her head "Chloe? Melissa? Jane? Isabelle? Elena? Bella? Esme? Lexi?" She shakes her head at them all. " Can you give me a clue"

'wisdom, my name means wisdom'. He kisses me. ' I have a confession to, I can't stop thinking about you either ' He kisses me again and again. I lose track of time lost in him its only when the bells sound I pull away. 

' And that's what I leave you with my name meaning your a smart man you will figure it out ' I stand up and walk away I blow him a kiss on my way .  

I find Elizabeth kissing some guy outside leaning up against the wall. 
'Lizzy we need to go right now' she smiles at the guy and pulls away from him.  We walk inside to see Mia dancing. 
She catches my searching eyes and I nod towards the door, she smiles and whispers in her partners ear he kisses her hand and Mia walks over to us. 

" Let's go" Elizabeth says. 

' Yeah' I smile at her and we walk up the stair case to retrieve are cloaks. The lady smiles at me as we walk out the door. The man already has are horses and beside him stands David. 
David takes my hand and places a feather light kiss in the centre 

" Till me meet again my love , I will be counting the hours till we meet " I blush and he smiles. 

He helps me onto my horse I blow him a kiss and ride of into the night. 

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