I Am An Owl (Alyson Noel Competition Entry)

This is my competition entry. Please read on to discover why if my spirit was visible, and in animal form, it would be an owl... Feel free to leave comments! I won the comp. So happy - completely unexpected!


1. I Am An Owl

Owls. They observe. They fly. They hunt.

If I had a visible spirit, it would be an owl.

I always seem on the edge of things. I notice things that nobody else seems to. The intricate branches of a tree. The wind on the waves.

Owls have brilliant eyesight.

When the sky darkens and the sun goes down, I feel alive. I have always loved the dark. I love the mysteries it holds.

Owls only come out at night.

My mind takes flight when it wants to. It spreads invisible wings and soars through imaginary forests, into the blackness.

Owls are excellent flyers.

I can put people in order. I can knock them down, and bring them back up when I want to.

Owls are natural hunters.

I am secretive. I am unique. I am an owl.





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