1. Detention!

Detention! I despise that word even though I have never really had one. Ok, call me a goody two shoes because I'm in year 10 and haven't even had one detention but finally I got one and I'm not too happy about it. My detention is with Mr. Warnswerth the most hated teacher in the school, ok I deserve it, I was using his laptop I know I sound like a very odd person first really geeky then all bad I know it's kinda weird but we all have an odd side don’t we?

Anyway it was 5 minutes to the end of school and I was dreading it. 3-2-1 the bells went and I slowly made my way to wormswerth’s class yes wormswerth is his nick name because he’s tall, gangly with these bright red eyes and his face is wormy. As I was walking through the school I noticed that no one was about, hm? That’s strange oh; well I guess I’m the only one with a detention tonight.

 There was a whisper;”Mikaela” I wasn’t sure what it meant, my name?

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