Forget Me Not -- A Liam Payne Love Story

Aliyah (Uh-Lee-Yuh) is a high school student who is really into theatre. Her and her friend, Audrey also have a strong passion for One Direction. So what do you think happens when the boys end up spending a semester at Aliyah and Audrey's high school?


2. Not Exactly A Conversation


I run out of the classroom and into the hallway. I rush at my locker and start searching the halls for Audrey. But, before I can do much searching she finds me.

"Ahhh! I am so frickin' excited for tonight! Come on we have to get to the buses!" she yells, tackling me and then dragging me off. But, before she can reach the doors, Brandon steps in front of her

"Hey," he says, looking into her wide, bright green eyes. I look to her, I can see the happy and the nervous mixing into one expression on her face. I gently elbow her, reminding her to speak.

"Hey," she blurts out. She starts twisting her hands, she does that when she gets nervous. We all stand there for a second, nobody saying anything. But I know we have to leave now if we want to get to Audrey's house before 3:30.

"Well, we have to get going." I say. "But she'll call you!" I yell over my shoulder as I grab her arm and drag her out the door.

"Bye!" she manages to yell before the door closes. "Why did you do that? We were actually having a conversation!" she says, frustrated.

"He said hey and then you said hey. I wouldn't exactly call that a conversation." I tell her as I drag her to the bus.

When we finally reach the bus there are no seats in the back of the bus. So, we are forced to sit with the third graders. But as the ride goes on, we don't really care. Because we both know that in less than five hours we will be sitting in the first row of an arena, within touching distance of One Direction!

The bus goes along, and all I can think is "COULD YOU MOVE ANY SLOWER?". But, soon the bus pulls up at an intersection and Audrey is grabbing my hand and pulling me down the aisle. I'm guessing that this is her stop.

We run off the bus, her younger sister trailing behind us.

"Hey girls," her mom starts to say, but by the time she gets to the end of the word "Hey" we are already in the car, seat belt on, and ready to get back to her house.

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