Forget Me Not -- A Liam Payne Love Story

Aliyah (Uh-Lee-Yuh) is a high school student who is really into theatre. Her and her friend, Audrey also have a strong passion for One Direction. So what do you think happens when the boys end up spending a semester at Aliyah and Audrey's high school?


3. No Parking Problem

When we get to her house I am totally exhausted from all the running. But I'm still going because I can just feel how amazing this concert will be. So, when we rush through the door and down the hall I am sitting down in her bean bag chair and let out a huge breath.

Audrey is just as exhausted as I am but she doesn't show it. Sometimes I think that she never gets tired, where as I am sleeping all the time. Anyways, so we sit in her room just waiting and then Audrey jumps up and starts moving.

She brings out, what seems to me, her entire makeup/beauty/hair collection. It probably isn't a lot to her or anyone else but I don't use a whole lot of makeup like, ever so it's just a lot to me. She picks up an elastic headband, wraps it around my head -most likely to keep my hair out of my face- and she just starts going.

I'm not sure what she is doing exactly but I told her she could do my hair and makeup for the concert so she is. And I trust her with my face because her makeup looks good most of the time.

37 minutes later.......

Once Audrey finishes she steps back and sighs.

"Oh my goodness. What? Does it look horrible. You know, you can't blame it on me because you did it and this is not my fault so you can't--" I start to say, but she cuts me off.

"Oh my god, shut up. It looks fine. I'm just sighing because I'm tired." she says, and I can tell she is annoyed. She gets like this when she gets tired.

"Okay, you're done." she said, sitting back in the chair behind her. I stand up and walk to her vanity to look in the mirror.

"Oh my gosh," I say, just standing there not saying anything else. I am shocked at how amazing I look. I turn around to look at her and see that she is practically done with her makeup too. Her hair is already done because she put extra hairspray in it this morning.

She turns around. "Okay, done! Let's go, let's go, let's go!" she says as she stands, grabs my hand, and runs out the door.

"Mom," she screams when we get to the bottom of the stairs. "Come on, we're gonna be late!" she adds.

45 minutes later.........

We finally pull into the parking lot of the concert and we have no problem finding a parking spot. Because no one else is here!

Audrey jumps out of the car. "What is going on, where are all of the screaming fans, the loud music, the lights? I don't understand..." she starts to say. Suddenly someone taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and all I can see is her back. I don't even know who's there.

But then the person speaks, and I know exactlly who it is.

"Hello, love." the voice says.

I jump out of the car and see Harry Styles standing in front of Audrey. She isn't speaking. All she is doing is standing there, comepletely still. I walk over beside her and nudge her arm.

"H-hi!" she blurts out. I look at her as if to tell her 'smooth move'. Then I turn back to him. "Hi, I'm Aliyah and this is Audrey." I tell him. I am totally shaking inside but hopefully that isn't showing on the outside.

Then I start to get really nervous. Because that's when the rest of the boys come up behind Harry. And they're led by Liam!

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