Forget Me Not -- A Liam Payne Love Story

Aliyah (Uh-Lee-Yuh) is a high school student who is really into theatre. Her and her friend, Audrey also have a strong passion for One Direction. So what do you think happens when the boys end up spending a semester at Aliyah and Audrey's high school?


1. First Rehearsal, First Interaction


Aliyah: Hey! 

Audrey: Hey!

Aliyah: Did you talk to your mom about the tickets?

Audrey: Yeah, she said she would drive us to the concert.

Aliyah: Yay!!! I can not wait until Friday! It's still okay if I stay at your place after the show, right?

Audrey: Yeah, see you later tonight at rehearsal.

Aliyah: Yeah, see you then.



"Mom, we have to go soon. I don't want to be late." I yell down the hallway.

"Do not yell at your mother. I told you 2 seconds ago that I am coming." she says to me, walking out of her bedroom. She grabs her purse and car keys and walks out the door. I follow close behind, knowing that if I'm late I will be punished for telling her that she would make us late.

We pull out of the driveway and I stare at the clock on the dashboard. Ten minutes to get to the school. I already know that we are going to be late. On a good day it takes at least fifteen minutes to get there.

Twelve minutes later, we pull into the school parking lot. Before the car is even stopped, my door is open and I am rushing to pick up all of my things and running to the front doors.

I burst through the doors and I can hear the cast clapping in the auditorium. I run through the atrium and open the door to see the whole cast standing in a circle beginning 'shake down'. I drop my stuff at a table and take a place next to Audrey.

"Hey!" she says, quietly so it doesn't disrupt the group. "Hey!" I reply at the same volume.

Once warm ups are finished we sit at the tables and chat with eachother, waiting for our call for places. I sit at one of the tables and pull out my ipod. Four days, two hours, thrity-seven minutes, and forty-two seconds until the concert.

"Checking again?" a voice says. I look up and see Audrey standing at the other side of the table. She sits and pulls out her cell, beginning to type quickly. "What are you doing?" I ask her. She looks up from her phone.

"Texting Brandon." she says, as if I should have known this. I look over her shoulder and see Brandon standing on the stage with his phone in his hands. "Why are you texting him when he is twenty feet away from you and you could be talking to him?" I ask. She stares at me for a second.

"I couldn't just go talk to him! Are you insane? He barely knows that I exist!" she yells, only loud enough to seem like yelling when you're sitting across the table from her. It's obvious that nobody else heard her.

"Well, you might want to re-think the part about him not knowing you exist..." I tell her, still looking over her shoulder. "Why?" she asks me.

"Because he is walking over here right now." I say, looking back at her. She turns around so quickly that I'm afraid her head my fly off. "Hey," Brandon says to her as he approaches our table. "How's it going?" he adds. She stands up just as he stops at our table.

"Good, I mean, um, fine. How about you?" she says, obviously nervous. But Brandon doesn't seem to see this. He just smiles. "Great, I just saw the script. It's great." he says. She smiles.

"Yeah, the script is great!" she says, even though I know she hasn't read the whole thing.

"Yeah, so I-" Brandon begins, but he gets cut off by Faith, the stage manager.

"Places!" she yells.

"Thank you, places!" everyone replies and starts toward the stage. I grab my script and head toward the stage, linking arms with Audrey on the way. We take our places, just inside the wings, ready to rush out just as the music plays. I look across the stage to the other wing and see Brandon, staring at Audrey.

I look at her and see her smiling, shyly, back at him. Then the music plays and she rushing out on stage. She starts to sing and I see Brandon, prepared in his place but comepletely mesmorized by her.

Then his cue sounds and he too rushes out on stage, as Audrey quickly walks to the back of the stage. Stopping in her assigned spot and posing as if she is frozen.



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