The World

The world is a beautiful place. With alot of hustle and and alot of worry. It is fun and sometimes boring. Like life.


1. The World

The world is a good place to feel good

With different people in it so I'm told

Sometimes it is cold and then hot

There are roads that wind and dust


Over area of land are natural resources

Surrounded by magnificent seas so deep

The sun is spread wide

The message of love is sent


There are language of all kinds

Intelligent men are everywhere

To learn is a beautiful experience

To develop brotherhood in a new land


We cherish this dream

We remain to learn more and lend a hand

To experience the great outdoors

We don't need suffering and misery


We come to one another

Together as a whole

We have plenty of ideas and actions

We will tell it world wide


There is a place and time

With values and mixed rules

There is no doubt love and peace will prevail

Upon this peaceful world


People will come together and there will be miracles

They will not wither but will be taught to with stand

The danger will be gone

This is the test of time to reset the rest


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