[This is the third story after Lost Love] Harry can't trust himself, Daniella doesn't want to live, and everythings just wrong. What will happen when Daniella falls into a deep depression and nobody can reach her anymore. Louis finds her, but in a state that is almost scary. Harry, she needs help. She needs you.

[A/N- This story picks up the day after the last story ended. Thank You! XOXO Dani]


6. The Future


Chapter 5

~Daniella's POV~

"Harry stop!" I shout at him as he continues to tickle me.

"Say Harry Styles is the sexiest person alive!" He commands me and I only shake my head since I had no breath to tell him no. "Then I won't stop tickling you." He says casually with his fingers tickling my sides. I continue laughing and screaming under him as he tickles me. He knew that one point I was going to break and tell him what he wanted to hear. But I was planning on making his wait as long as possible. I didn't want to help inflate his alread my huge ego.

"Harry Styles is..." I pause as feel his fingers almost completely stop tickling me. "The sexist man alive." I said slowly as a small smirk appears on his lip. He cups my cheeks and presses his lips on mine.

"No was that so hard?" He mumbles into my lips causing me to roll my eyes under my eye lids. Suddenly the room slowly turn white and everything around me fades. Slowly a whole different scene appears and it was when Harry and me first met. On that beach about 9 whole ago, back when we were both happy and alive. Before the heartbreak that we caused each other, before we knew what future had in store for us. Back when we were just two lost souls looking for a little bit of company.

"Hi, I am Harry and you are?" He asked me his long curly locks were blowing in the wind that the ocean was bringing in. Honestly it made him look a million times better, he had two small dimples on each side of his face and they seemed to appear more when he smiled. I snap out of my mental babble of how completely adorable he is and finally answer his question.

"I'm Daniella." I said and he sent me a warm smile. The very same warm smile that I fell for, the same warm smile that later would end breaking my heart. Little that I know that that this one boy alone could completely change my world. I wasn't just Daniella the girl who no one paid any attention to anymore. No I had become Daniella Ferrell the girl that tamed Harry Styles, I had become the center of everyone's attention. I had people envying my life, but little did they know little did I know I would soon envy their lives. Soon the beach seemed to disappear just like the room had before and now I was in my living room Harry no where in sight. The TV was currently on, but it was at a low volume almost to make sure not to wake anyone up. The sun was barely rising, since the room wasn't too bright yet, but the soft glow of the sun did creep in.

"Dani?" I heard Harry's voice call me from somewhere deep in this house. I had never been here before, but somehow my body did. Because next thing I knew I was getting off the sofa and walking towards the sound of Harry's voice.

"What's wrong Harry?" I asked as I step into what seemed like a nursery. Why was there a nursery in this house and why was Harry in it? When Harry finally turns around I see a slightly older version of him. His long brown locks seemed a bit shorts and if possible a bit curlier. He had a few wrinkles around his face, but his eyes reminded the same shining green color.

"I can't get her to fall asleep, I tried everything." He whines in a soft voice and for the first time I notice the small child in his hands.

"Did you try singing to her? You know how much she loves to hear you sing." I said while stepping next to him as his cheeks flush a rosy pink color.

"I completely forgot about that. God, I am such am awful father, how could I forgot that my own daughter loves to be sung to!" He exclaims almost angry, but I knew that it was at himself.

"Harry, calm down it's the end of the world. One little thing you forgot it's fine." I said while standing next to him and looking down at the small, adorable baby in his hands.

"This is all because of the tour, it made me literally forgot everything about being a father." He explains and I only giggle at him. A course he would now blame the fact he was away for so long, normally this would angry me. But today it only made me see how much he loves the tiny little girl in his arms.

"Well, then I guess I'll have to reteach you everything." I said before taking the little girl out of his arms and cuddling her into my chest. I sway a bit just to get her to calm down, and after a little bit Harry's arms find there way around my waist. His head lays on my shoulder as he hums a bit to remember the tune of the song, before he starts singing it.

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea

Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep

And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep

Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape

You never want to know how much you weigh

You still have to squeeze into your jeans

But you're perfect to me

I won't let this little things slips out of my mouth

But if it's true, it's you, it's you, they add up to

I'm in love with you and all these little things

By the time that Harry get's to the chorus of the song the sweet baby girl had fallen into a deep sleep.

"Can't believe I never thought about singing to her." Harry asked completely amazing how quickly she fell asleep when he started singing.

"Yeah, she's completely beautiful." I said softly while stroking away a few of her chocolate brown curls that were a lot like Harry's.

"Just like her mother." Harry said while placing a tender kiss on my neck. I take a good look at the little girl and see that we indeed has some of the same features. We had the same nose and the same soft smile that appeared whenever we were happy, but at the same time she had a lot of Harry's features. The same adorable dimples and the same curl hair that girls would sell their souls to the devil just to touch. We stand there Harry's arms around my waist and my eyes on the little girl, when it hits me. That's my little girl, mine and Harry's, that's why my body knew exactly where to go. This was our future, mine and Harry's a would a bit far out into the future maybe five or six years, but it's out there. Soon everything again starts to fade and I find myself panicking, because I don't wan this fairytale to end. "Dani, why are you freaking out?" Harry's voice asks me as everything around us starts to fade away.

"I don't want it to end Harry!" I said clinging to him and the rails on the crib hoping they wouldn't go away.

"This isn't the end Dani, this is just the beginning. We'll be here soon, together the three of us, but right now you need to wake." Harry sweetly commands me, but I furiously start shaking my head. I don't want I leave this, we were together a family, happy.

"I can't Harry, why would I wake up if in that world you don't love me. No one loves me!" I shout angrily at gripping onto the crib and him even harder.

"Dani, because you being here is killing me over there. I am alone and lost without and don't you ever doubt my love for you. I would move mountains for you, if I had too. I Harry Edward Styles, am so deeply in love with you, Daniella Amy Ferrell." He said before kissing my lips and disappearing along with everything around me. I open my eyes to find myself in a sterile white room. Nate was standing at the door watching whatever was going on outside. Suddenly the heart motioner I had been hooked up on started beeping faster causing Nate to turn around.

"Dani, calm down." He said grabbing my hand and rubbing circles on my hand. Suddenly I hear yelling coming from down the hall, and I instantly recognize the voices. It was Josh and Harry's and they weren't just talking they were screaming.

"Nate, why are they screaming?" I ask completely terrified as the heart monitor starts freaking out again.

"Hold on Dani, I'll be right back." He said leaving as a large group of nurses walks in trying to calm my heart rate down. But I didn't need nurses or even Nate, I need to see Harry. 

~Harry's POV~

"Get the hell out of here!" Josh yells at me. I reach for my nose to see if its bleeding. It is.

"What's the matter with you?!" I yell at Josh.

"You. You hurt my sister! You're just Asher all over again." He said to me. That's  what hit me the hardest. I did act like Asher. I needed to fix this.

"Just get out and go to hell!" Josh yelled. That's what set me off.

"NO! You wanna know something? I know I made a mistake and I regret it with all my heart, but I want to fix it! But are you letting me fix it?! No! The girl I love with everything I have is in there, so I don't care what you say, we will be together and I will not go to hell!" Nate comes in just then and I stop.

"Stop! Both of you because Dani is awake." That's all I need to hear. I run down the hall, with Josh close on my trail, and come to Dani's room. Josh pushes me out of the way and goes in.

"Josh! Where's Harry?" I hear Dani ask from the room. I get back up and rush inside.

"Dani!" I yell at her as I walk the bed. I get stoped by Josh until Dani tells him to let me by. When I get to her, I take her hand, and I can practicly hear Josh stiffin up behind me but I couldn't care less.

"I knew it was just a dream." I mumble to myself.

"How are you, little sis?" Josh asks Dani.

"Yeah, how are you, Daniella." Someone asks Dani. Someone I don't know.




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