[This is the third story after Lost Love] Harry can't trust himself, Daniella doesn't want to live, and everythings just wrong. What will happen when Daniella falls into a deep depression and nobody can reach her anymore. Louis finds her, but in a state that is almost scary. Harry, she needs help. She needs you.

[A/N- This story picks up the day after the last story ended. Thank You! XOXO Dani]


4. Dreams


Chapter 4

~Harry's POV~

Tomorrow I'm flying back to California; I have to wait till tomorrow! Niall said wait till tomorrow because it's 9pm here and we should get some rest so we wouldn't be too tired after the flight. I had got mad at the fact that I had to wait so long to be able to see Dani. So now here I am  in bed, just because I would rather sleep then stay with and listen to Niall say what happened. I close my eyes ready to face all the horrible nightmares that now occur every time I try and sleep.

"Nightmares here I come....." I mumble to myself before letting my mind slip as I fall asleep. 

I look around trying to use my surroundings to find out where I was, but it was all too fuzzy to even focus. I close my eyes and try to focus on everything around me so I could figure out where I was. It looks like Dani's living room the same wooden floors, large flat screen, small coffee table, and large couch sat around the room. I hear voices in the kitchen and decided to follow the voices hoping that it would lead me somewhere.. When I step into the kitchen I see Dani making something. I stood there taking in all her features I try to memorize every curve on her body, every scar and imperfection.  She seemed to sense me there because she looks up from what she was doing and smiled. I send her warm smile back before her eyes widened and she started running away from me. Why was she running from me? I wanted, no at this point I didn't just want her I needed her.. We both made mistakes, and I wanted to set them straight. I was willing to do everything in my power to make sure she knew how much I wanted her forgiveness  I ran around the house looking in every room trying to find Dani, but it seemed liked she had completely disappeared. I saw a flash of her white shirt in her room and I instantly step in not even bothering knocking on her door. I found her sitting on her bed that was neatly made and held no indent of her weight as she sat on it. She was wearing white shorts, a white shirt, and a sad smile that seemed to break my heart.

"Dani! Why were you running from me?" I ask her slightly out of breath as I take a step closer to her.

"Because Harry. I'm not here." She answers smoothly while looking down at the her legs that seemed to slightly glow with a golden color. 

"Yes you are. Your sitting right in front of me!" I yell confused which causes her eyes to look straight at me with a sad glint to them.

"No Harry. What I met was, I'm not in your world anymore. I left the pain behind me." She says sadly while standing up and moving her hand to my cheek. I feel a slight warm breeze pass by the side of my face that she was touching, but I felt no physical touch.

"What- what do you mean?" I stutter as I try and grab her hand but my fingers fall right through her. 

"I'm dead. I'm your angel. Love you, Harry." She said with sympathy cover her soft words.

"NO! Don't go! I need you." I say panicking as she only shakes her head in disapproval at me. She shimmers, sparks, and fades away leaving me alone with only my sadness and guilt as my company. Tears are flowing down my cheeks and they wont stop no matter how much I try to make them stop they won't. 

"I love you too Dani." I mumble sadly into the air hoping she would hear the pain in my voice and would come back. 

"Wake up." She says, right before she's gone. Wake up?

"Wake Up? Why Dani to face a world without you where I am alone and miserable?" I shout to the air around me, but soon everything starts to get fuzzy.

I open my eyes to find that I am in my bed my body covered in sweat and my eyes covered in tears. Niall and Zayn are both looking at me, confused as I panic trying to grasp onto something. I touch my pillow and it is wet, I feel my cheeks, and you could tell I was crying. There was no hiding my tears and pain from this at this point so I don't even bother wiping my eyes. 

"What's the matter, Harry." Zayn asks me with concern as I look around for my phone so I could call Louis. 

"It was just a dream." I mumble to myself still searching for my phone, which seemed to have disappeared during the night. 

"What was a dream. Mate, you were crying, for Gods' sake! What happened?" Niall yells. I look over at the clock, it reads 5:47. 

"Can you tell me if Dani's in the hospital?" I ask either of them. They both look at each and seemed to be having a silent conversation. 

"She is." Niall said softly as I feel a stab of pain in my chest knowing how badly Dani was hurt. I grab my laptop in a panicked motion and look at the next plane to California.

"There's one leaving in two hours!" I yell in success, as I book three seats. I throw the covers off my body and grab the emergency suitcase that I always keep packed when management decided to send us on last minute work trips. 

"Pack! Were leaving in a half an hour and go ask Abby if she wants to come. Were goin' to California." I shouted as I went off to go call Louis to make sure that Dani was okay. I need reassurance that my dream was just that only a dream. I need to make sure that my Dani was perfectly okay and I would soon have her in my arms again. 

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