[This is the third story after Lost Love] Harry can't trust himself, Daniella doesn't want to live, and everythings just wrong. What will happen when Daniella falls into a deep depression and nobody can reach her anymore. Louis finds her, but in a state that is almost scary. Harry, she needs help. She needs you.

[A/N- This story picks up the day after the last story ended. Thank You! XOXO Dani]


7. Asher's Back

Daniella's POV

Oh. My. God. Asher. How did he know I was here? He had a smirk on his face so he looked exactly as he did when we were together. Same brown side flipped hair, ocean blue eyes, and dressed in black from head to toe. The boy who all the girls swooned over and would do anything to have while he just used them like his toys. The boy I hated so much, how I had nightmares of seeing again was standing in front of me with a crazy smirk on his face. He had found again even after not seeing him and losing all contact with him he had somehow found me once again. I looked up at Harry terrified of what could happen next only to find him looking down at me, concerned. When I looked at Josh, you didn't have to be a genius to tell he was furious. Luckily were in a hospital so even if Josh or Harry wanted to do something they would hopefully hold back knowing that they were in a hospital. I looked back at Harry to see him mouth something at me.

"Who is he?" Harry mouths.

"Asher." I mouth back. I watched as his eyes first looked confused before finally realizing who was standing in front of us. I had told Harry about him a while back we had started dating, how he had hurt me and caused me so much pain. I remember how Harry had vowed that if he ever met Asher that he would make sure that he regretted hurting me. Now here was his opportunity and I was scared that Harry who looked furious would take it.  

"Well, how are you Dani?" Asher asks me again this time taking a step forward which caused both Harry and Josh to take a step towards him.

"G-good." It came out al wavery. Crap, now Asher's going to think I'm scared of him.

"You need to leave. Now." Josh says sternly to Asher who only sent a twisted smile towards Josh. 

"Now, I think that's up to Dani-Boo." He said in a sick twisted voice that made the old nickname he used to call me sound terrifying and creepy.


"Where are you, Dani?" Asher sang/called through the house while we were playing hide and seek. I made me giggle because he couldn't sing to save his life. He must have heard me because the next thing I knew, his arms were wrapped around me.

"Found you, Boo." He mumbles into my hair from behind. "Now where's my reward?" I turn to him to see his eyes shining at me hopefully.

"Ok, close your eyes, Ash." I say to him. He closes his eyes, and I get up. I bend down and whisper in his ear "Catch me, and you will get your reward." and I take off running in the opposite direction giggling as I hear him almost growl at me.

"Dani!" He whines. I can't help it and I start to laugh; I can hear his footsteps nearing me, so I try to go faster, But being the klutz I am, I fall for no reason. Asher wraps his arms around me again.

"Are you ok Dani-Boo?" He asks me.

"Yes. Just being clumsy." I say laughing a bit at my own clumsiness while flashing him a smile. "So what do you want your reward to be?" I ask him innocently even though I had a good idea what he wanted.  

"I think that's up to you." He says smiling. I lean up to him, and kiss him.

"I love you, Boo." He whispers into my hair while wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. 

~Flashback ended~

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