Life's A Roller Coaster

I honestly don't know why I didn't stay down there and just waited for them to come down. Was it my ego? Or the fact that the brown eyed beaut with the mop of wavy hair was drawing me to the option of sitting with him... Better yet, holding his hand in fright. That was the day my fear of roller coasters changed my life forever... "life's a roller coaster, so just enjoy the ride."


1. Prologue

Maybe you'd call this more of an introduction? Well my name is Corrina Annalise Calder. Yes, I am indeed the little sister of the amazing, gorgeous, intelligent girl we all know as the fiancé of the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I'm 17 years old, born on the 14th of November. Now, I'll introduce to you all the people who matter the most to me in my life.

My twin brother, Cameron Alexander Calder; my older sister of course, Eleanor Jane Calder; my amazing mother, Lillian Amelia Rogers and my father, Troy Austin Calder who to my despair, died in a car accident 2 years ago, leaving my mum to raise our family herself.

So tonight we were having a classic family dinner, when Eleanor decided to bring something up, making both I and Cam spit all out spaghetti out of our mouths. "So Louis and I are getting married on Valentine's day." She stated looking at mum excitedly. I glanced at Cameron seeing him already looking at me.

"Who's your maid of honor?" Mum and I both said in unison. "You, duh." Eleanor told me, sniggering slightly. "Uh-oh." I mumbled, twirling the spaghetti left on my plate. "Oh come on Rina! It'll be fun!" She smiled placing a hand on top of mine. I sighed giving into my sisters convincing ways. "Fine, but what does that mean I have to do?" I asked, slightly afraid of the answer I was about to receive.

"Cameron'll be playing a part in this too right?" I asked arching my eyebrows, making sure I wasn't going to be buried 6 feet under alone. "Of course! He's one of the groomsmen." She stated making Cam groan beside me. Yeah we were like best friends, but if I'm going down, he better as hell be by my side.

-Three days later-

"So what will I be doing again?" I asked for what seemed like the millionth time. We were at a dress fitting and I had designed my dress all by myself. It was a low cut V-neckline with wide straps that cross the open back. An accordion pleated A-line overlay on the skirt and it was in a navy blue. El's color theme was white and navy since Louis absolutely adored using white and navy striped shirts, it seemed appropriate.

"Just walk with me down the aisle with that beautiful smile you always have on! Simple babe. Simple." Eleanor explained shaking her head. What she forgot to mention was that I had sorted out her venue, catering, cake, dresses, invitations, basically everything. While she on the other hand spent her time sweet talking Louis into wearing a navy proper tux instead of the striped one he had picked out.

"I'm happy for you El, I really am." I told her truthfully. Who knew I'd meet my true love, not long after that day.

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