Forgot To Laugh

Nikki has always loved One Direction but her hopes of them loving her back are clearly very slim. That is until one day, she runs into none other than Zayn Malik. She takes a crazy journey with many twist and turns. You up for the ride? -This is my first story. Please no hate! xx-


3. Moths?


Nikki's POV

I decide to text Zayn.


Hey! Would tonight work? 

Yeah! Get dressed up nice if you please. 

Why? You wearing a tux? 

I can if you want ;) 

I guess I'll get dressed up... 

Great! I'll pick you up at five. 

We then decided I should just get ready cos we were probably going to have to go shopping for what I'd wear tonight anyways. We go to one of the closet shops and I start trying on different outfits and such. I finally decide on an elegant yet flirty dress. It's a nude, knee length dress that goes pretty low in the back, stopping right above my bottom. I wear a pair of nude heels to go with it. We go back home so Gracie can do my make up and I can do my hair. I put it up in a low bun with kinda like a poof on top of my head and strands of hair hanging out on the side, curled. Why not go all fancy right? Gracie does my makeup, light and simple and I'm ready by 4:55. I get my phone out and I have a text from Zayn. 

It says, Be there in a bit. Um.. I know this is kinda awkward but do you know a friend that could come with us. The boys wouldn't let me leave without bringing Niall along.. 

I run over to Gracie and show her the text. "Oh. That sucks. So, who are you going to bring?" I smile mischievously and she starts to look scared. 

Zayn's POV 

My phone buzzes. I take one hand off the steering wheel and try to grab it but Niall smacks my hand. 

"I don't think so mister! You're driving! I'll read it to you." I roll my eyes and focus on the road again. 

"Okay. It says 'From Nikki'. Ooh Zayn, who's Nikki?" He asks with his stupid cheeky grin that he uses on occasions like this to piss me off even more. 

"The girl i'm going on a date with." I reply. His eyes widen. 

"Why am I coming along?!?" I turn to him. 

"You tell me!" I shout. He pouts and then starts to read the message. 

" 'Yeah! My friend Gracie can come with. Can't wait to see you!' " I can't help but smile. What was wrong with me? I didn't even know this girl and I was getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about her. Wait, no I wasn't. Butterflies are girly. Moths? Ew no I hate moths. Fine I'll stick with butterflies. My thoughts are interrupted by a certain Irish boy. 

"Wait, so you set me up on a date?" he asks me, confused. 

"No. This was supposed to be my date but the boys said I had to bring you along so I asked her to bring a friend. I'm just lucky she agrees to that." He slowly nods his head, as if processing the information I've just given him. I don't know why. This is a date, not a secret mission to save the queen. Although, at that moment, it felt even more important than that. 

Niall's POV 

We finally arrived at what I'm guessing is the girls house. I'm about to get out of the car when Zayn stops me. 

"Please, don't embarrass me Niall." I laugh knowing I probably will without even meaning to. I open the door and step out of the car. Zayn does the same and we wait there. 

Before I know it, two gorgeous girls are standing in front of us. There's a brunette who looks stunning in a nude dress and a blonde. I have to say, I'm immediately drawn to the blonde. Good thing too. It looks like the brunette is Zayn's date. That would've been awkward  I turn my attention back to the blonde. She has piercing green eyes and now that I look closer, only streaks of blonde in her hair. She's actually a brunette which makes her all the more attractive. She's wearing a beautiful pink dress that stops right above the knee. She really does look gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off her. She walks over to me, reluctantly I might add, and just looks at me. 

"Hi.." She says slowly. I'm taken out of the trance. "Hello there love!" I say. Crap. That's a habit of mine I really need to break. Americans aren't used to that. I see her cheeks turn to a shade of pink and blush as well. She smiles shyly and it's cute. I lead her to the back seat of the car and open the door. 

"Shall we?" I ask. She giggles again and sets inside. Not long after, Zayn gets in the drivers seat while his date gets in the passengers seat. 

"Let's go!" I exclaim excitedly. Zayn's date turns around giggling. 

"Hang on!" She shouts. I like her voice, it's friendly. 

"Before we go," she starts off then turns around to face us, "Just so everyone's clear, I'm Nikki, that's Gracie and that's Niall and Zayn." She says, pointing around to our little bunch. Then she faces forward and Zayn starts the car. Gracie. Such a beautiful name...

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