Forgot To Laugh

Nikki has always loved One Direction but her hopes of them loving her back are clearly very slim. That is until one day, she runs into none other than Zayn Malik. She takes a crazy journey with many twist and turns. You up for the ride? -This is my first story. Please no hate! xx-


1. Late.

Nikki's POV

10:15. Crap. I was going to be late for work. I jumped out of bed, throwing the covers off of me and was hit with a sudden burst of cold air. Maybe I'll keep the blanket on. I wrapped the blanket back up around me and went to my closet. I picked out some jeans and a tee shirt. I really could care less about how I look at the moment. If I'm late again, I'll be fired. Or so Tom, the manager's son, threatened me last time. I still think he's just all but hurt cos I  won't go on a date with him. I grab my purple hoodie and slip on some ballet flats. Then I go and check how I look in the mirror. My brown locks look scary.. Almost like a lion..I push that thought out of my head. I have somewhere to be. I put my hair up in a quick pony tail and grab my keys and phone and I'm out the door.

"I'll be back in a couple hours!' I call back to my best friend, Gracie, who's probably still asleep. Then I think about Tom and his threat to me. 

"Maybe a few minutes.." I close the door and locked it behind me. I walked out onto the sidewalk to see a guy rushing towards me.

"Watch out!" he exclaimed. He knocked me right onto the ground.

"Why don't YOU watch where you're going!" i yelled at him, picking up my keys that had just been thrown on the ground thanks to impact. He looked behind him and then grabbed my hand. 

"What do you think you're doing?!" I exclaimed. He just led me under a staircase.

"Would you mind telling me what the-" he cuts me off by putting his finger to his mouth telling me to be quiet. I roll my eyes but does as he say. Finally, whoever was following him leaves and he turns around so I can see him.

"Sorry about that.." he trails off and starts staring at me. I raise my eyebrows in an expectant way. He smiles.

"I'm Zayn." 

I slowly started to recognize his features and then I smiled too. 

"I'm Nikki." I replied.

-Tell me what you think my lovelies xx-

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