A girl named Layla Jones starts school and she gets bullied from boys. But to her suprise The Zayn Malik helps her.


1. The begining

Hi im Layla, i have two sisters and 1 brother and i have a mum and dad. My family died from a plane crash but when that happened i was at my cousins house. So now i live with my Best friend Jasmine. Jasmine is a REALLY pretty girls almost all the boys in my school droll over her. So now she is popular and also she has this massive talent of performing and singing.


* at school and layla's pov

Hey girl shouted a bullie

i turned turned around and saw him holding a snowball and off course i could tell that he was going to throw it at me

hey maybe you should cool off and maybe shave a little, nah i mean alot.

hey back off said this mysterious Bradford accent.

i was amazed to see The zayn malik sticking up for me

and what if i don't yelled the bullie

then maybe i will do this and straight away zayn punched him in the face

the bullie fell to the ground and ran away

hey thanks for that  i said to him politely

anything for a pretty ladie said Zayn looking down

after that i found myself blushing

hey do you wanna go out or do something asked Zayn

i felt my heart melt like red lava

erm.. yea i would love that i said

well i will pick you up tomorrow afternoon at around 6ish

well ok and after that i kissed his cheek

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